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differences in "communication events" per day?
Louann Brizendine's book The Female Brain, published last August, featured a number of striking quantitative assertions about differences in communication. The jacket blurb claimed "A woman uses about 20000 words per day while a man
Bush subtly changes his Iraq language
It was a subtle shift of language but nonetheless a change. Today President Bush referred to the US’s But apparently the president has for whatever reason decided to change his language slightly. What this means for whatever policy
News release: HP Celebrates New Spanish-language Website and the
HP invites Hispanic families to celebrate Three Kings Day by participating in an online sweepstakes featured on its recently launched Spanish-language consumer website, www.hp.com/go/hpahora
Language of Surgery
"We can think of that structure as the language of surgery.' To develop mathematical models for this language, we're borrowing techniques from 'Language of surgery' researchers collect data from this da Vinci robotic surgical system
The Sun-language Theory
I knew the Turkish language reform involved some odd notions of linguistics, but Brent Brendemoen’s chapter on the process in The Turkic Languages (Routledge, 1998) introduced me to the weirdest part yet, the Sun-language Theory:
Coordination of unlikes
Geoff Pullum's recent discussion of "grave and deteriorating" in the Iraq Study Group report returns us to the topic of the coordination of unlikes, which I last blogged about in a long posting about "failures of parallelism".
Whose language is it anyway?
He could have easily said that in his native language but he chose to use Engish for his own reasons (doesn't matter what they are). He probably lives here, but I know that when I travel to foreign lands I never even attempt to use a
The International Language
So, hey, this may sound a little odd but you can really learn a few things about the world by listening to international news in a language you don't speak. You really do need to know languages other than English, and every day there's
A note from Marrije Schaake
In response to the previous post, Marrije Schaake writes: Thanks for pointing once again to the Brizendine book. Her 'statistic' of women using 20.000 words to men using 7.000 words a day had also made it into a comic strip
Historical Maps - Now Viewable in Other Language Versions of
Rumsey Historical Maps in Google EarthThe popular Rumsey historical maps, which were released in early November, are now available in the other localized versions of Google Earth for French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese.
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