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Amici Cantores

Mixed "leisure" choir, founded in 1988, about twenty singers, singing "a cappella" up to eight scores. Sacred polyphony and madrigals, mainly coming from the Renaissance period, are performed in concerts and liturgies.  The Amici Cantores choristers are selected by vocal capabilities, and by feeling, and have held many concerts in some places in Europe and mainly, of course, in Italy. Recordings of sacred polyphony, published world wide by the Paulins, are available for purchase.

Stirps Jesse

Professional group of singers, mainly devoted to the studies of the vocal musical palaeography and to the performances of early music, in particular the Gregorian Chant, with a peculiar interest in the rebuilding of the original executive praxis. 
Founded by Enrico De Capitani, Stirps Jesse is a dynamic group chosen on behalf of the requirements of the selected pieces, that performs concerts and recordings, with a wide success, by critics and public.