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  • So few artists record music that attempts to evoke the moods of winter.

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  • When did you begin your musical career and what influenced you to produce the type of music you do? Shirley's answer: My major artist influence is singer Barbra Streisand's orchestral arrangements.

  • Other artist are pianist Jim Brickman, George Winston and John Tesh, keyboardist Vangelis, Yanni, Enya, 2002 and David Foster who is currently producing the newest opera singer sensation Josh Groban.

  • Other New Age Music artists play guitar, flute, harp or just piano.

  • Artists like John Tesh and Yanni use a full orchestra.

  • Read about Jim brickman's up and coming tours! This is the personal site of Will Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records, recording artist, producer, writer.

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  • Achrem New age artist Edward J.

  • - Invinviable music is a new age music record label, including such artists as Liv and Let Liv, Kim Robertson, and ew age music artist Singh Kaur.

    WKHX Kicks 101.5 FM
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  • This is the ultimate office friendly station, so cozy up to some great melodies from our deluxe box set of contemporary artists.


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    WJJZ 106.1 FM
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    Who Killed Rock Radio?
    Article by Keith Moerer discussing the waning popularity of rock radio stations.

  • Every five minutes or so, the DJ promises a "new alternative." Apparently, this means 10, 000 Maniacs, minus Natalie Merchant, covering a 15-year old Roxy Music song, and Blues Traveler's John Popper screeching about his "most precarious mental state." Sandwiched in between is Kurt Cobain, sadly singing "The Man Who Sold the World." Eight months before, this same signal supported REV 105, an adventurous station that flowed effortlessly from Beck to James Brown, emphasizing emerging artists like Soul Coughing, Ani DiFranco and Portishead, and seasoning the mix with older heroes such as Husker Du and Prince.

  • How is Modern Rock radio defined in 1998? Mostly by songs that are bigger stars than the here-today, gone-tomorrow artists who perform them: "Walking on the Sun" (Smash Mouth), "Push" (Matchbox 20), "Come On Eileen" (Save Ferris), "Fly"' (Sugar Ray).

  • Most have done this by tightening their playlists to 35 or 40 of the surest hit singles, and embracing softer, more mainstream artists -- the Wallflowers, Jewel -- who never would have qualified as Modern Rock six years ago.

  • Edgier artists have it particularly hard right now.

  • For example, stations skewed toward a male audience can count on Selector's support to guarantee they play "no more than one female in a row." To prevent the unthinkable that the computer would simply spit out an alternating boy-girl lineup -- Selector assumes skittish programmers that they can set an hourly maximum of female artists.

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    KXOJ 100.9 FM
    Contemporary Christian music station in Tulsa. Live Real Audio feed.

  • Also: Check soon for photos of Freedom Live 2006, where wind and rain could not stop a dozen artists from some jaw-dropping performances.

    Sterling Holloway
    By Jim Fanning. [Persistence of Vision] Biographical article. Includes photo.

  • Story artist Bill Peet adapted the Lawson book and -- coincidentally or not -- also developed stories for four other short films -- The Little House (1952), Lambert the Sheepish Lion (in which Holloway did something of a reprieve of his Dumbo stork-- 1952), Susie the Little Blue Coupe (1952), and Goliath II (1960) for which Holloway was the narrator.

  • Both artists hoped that "Peter" would be made without verbal intrusion, with only the animation and the famous score by Prokofiev making a strong statement.

  • In The Disney Villains, Johnston and Thomas directly attribute the success of the Cheshire Cat character to the voice artist: "With the magical, fey quality of Sterling Holloway's voice, [the Cheshire Cat] was truly living in a dreamworld all his own." Johnston and Thomas also give Holloway much of the credit for making Kaa in The Jungle Book (1967) an unusual and affecting villain.

  • But Holloway not only delivered the lines with a mixture of menace and misplaced self-confidence but also ad-libbed dialogue that sparked the imaginations of the artists.


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  • PS.: remember, if you like the songs, buy the albums to support the artists - some of them still doing good music.

  • Posted by Bibi at 12:39 PM in, | June 17, 2006 I have no idea of how many versions, by different artists, I saw to .

    Native Views on Disney's Pocahontas
    Criticism of the animated film and links to more discussions on exploitation and

  • (Sierra is influenced by Disney who advised them on a game made to go with a mid-80's release Disney featue cartoon, Black Cauldron , derived from Welsh mythology, Chronicles of Prydain .) I'd love to see a feature cartoon made someday by Indian artists.

  • You cannot save these as files to load in KidPix (Broederbund) or Flying Colors (Davidson Associates) popular software for young artists.

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