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IGN: Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams Review
"There's no additional fun hidden in the Xbox SH2, but the overall gloom of the
franchise has never...

  • Xbox-exclusive sub scenario "Born From a Wish" offers 4-6 hours of gameplay in addition to main storyline.

  • Cinematic Noise Filter can be turned off to remove the "grainy effect." Without Noise Filter and With Noise Filter The Story If you're not already familiar with the storyline from the original Silent Hill 2, we'll give you a brief summary before moving onto the Xbox exclusive sub-mission: Born from a Wish.

  • In Born from a Wish you get to play as Maria, one of the characters James meets in his travels through the town.

  • Born from a Wish gets props for letting you use a meat clever early and often.

  • The short answer is no, because the Born from a Wish mission isn't long enough to stand on its own as a game and the new gameplay options like the Noise Filter switch were simply omissions from the PS2 game.

  • (PS2) Most recent posts on the - posted by - last activity 7/31 07:13am - posted by - last activity 7/31 07:05am - posted by - last activity 7/31 01:25am - posted by - last activity 7/30 10:53pm - posted by - last activity 7/30 10:47pm Related Articles Send This Page to a Friend Contact the Editors Game Details for Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams Playing Now Get Alerts Wishlist Collection Neither Edit List Details Published by: Developed by: Genre: Number of Players: 1 Release Date: US: December 21, 2001 Japan: Unreleased Europe: Unreleased Features: 480p Support, Dolby Digital 5.1, Memory Card Contribute: Write a FAQ Submit a Cheat Click Here for More Game Info Rent this game today! Access content on your cell.

    Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse for GameCube Review ...
    Review by Ryan Davis, [4.6/10]. "Serves as a bullet-point list of reasons why
    adventure games are...

  • By , Posted Aug 21, 2002 6:21 pm PT Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse | Downloads | Unlimited Rentals Vital Stats Disney's Magical Mirror Publisher: Developer: Release Date: Aug 13, 2002 ( ) 4.6 4.7 (79 votes) 4.7 (19 reviews) Rank: 4, 736 of 30, 573 417 Rank on GC: 251 of 690 Player Reviews: Wish Lists: 14 Collections: 168 Now Playing: 2 Tracking: 35 Your Score: This content requires Macromedia Flash Player 7 or higher.

    The New Mickey Mouse Club Renaissance Project Home Page
    Dedicated to preserving and promoting the memory of 1977's version of the show
    and its cast.


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    Michael Moore's Candid Camera
    Sympathetic review of Fahrenheit 9/11 and its criticisms of the Bush administration.
    Reveals some... > Home ( DNN 3.1.0 )
    Official web site for the 2001 PWBA Player of the Year. Includes tournament
    schedule, appearances,...

    Disney Online - The Official Home Page of The Walt Disney Company!
    Official site including online activities, news, information, shopping, and contests.

    We are the future of America's youth brainwashed by subculture marketed corporations.
    We try to expose...


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    Susan Egan Invited Talk Transcript
    Transcript of an online chat.

    Information on the cast and guests on the show.

    The Romance Reader's Favorite Movies
    Reader's reviews of their favorite movies.

  • Fav line - Wesley's "As you wish." THE ENGLISH PATIENT - Another incredible book-to-movie transition.

    TV Theme Tunes
    Hundreds of television theme tunes available by email request. Request limit of
    one theme per week.


    KHS - The Door to the Light -- The Kingdom Hearts Saga Site
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    Star Trek Nemesis - Cast Biographies
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    Utah / LDS Cinematographers / LDS Directors of Photography
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    Donna Douglas Photos - Donna Douglas News - Donna Douglas Information
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    Allwine/Taylor Invited Talk Transcript
    Online chat with Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor - voices of Disney's Mickey and
    Minnie Mouse.

  • Since you are Disney's official voices for those two `Meeces, ' let me be among the first to wish you `Happy 70th Birthday!' and thank you for kicking off this year's big birthday bash with us here on EMuck!" >< Mickey grins at WayneAllwine and RussiTaylor and wiggles his nose.

  • Also, it's nice that Roy Disney is involved in the production." >< WayneAllwine says, "These new shows are gag-driven, not dialogue- driven." >< WayneAllwine says, "Wish we could help you with the title problem..." >< RussiTaylor says, "I like it." >< WayneAllwine says, "Far out of our domain." >< Mickey says, "We're lucky to be able to see y'all in new regular productions! What is Roy Disney's involvement?" >< RussiTaylor says, "He's executive producer, I believe...

  • Good point!" Lumiere oohs! "Alice was with the Meeces?" Glamour_Alice nods to Mickey! "One of 'em a Mac laptop!" Angela wishes Susan Egan would come here again.

    Gale - Free Resources - Black History - Biographies - Spike Lee
    Introduces the filmmaker known for tackling the toughest issues that relate to
    the black community...

    DVD Movie Central
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    Chat interview conducted by the Philippine Headline News Online last June 25, 1998.

  • <Lea> Firstly, I wish people would start spelling my name right (like, without the H)...

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