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Full service travel agency including vacation planning services.

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Global on-line provider of cruises for groups and individuals at discounted rates.

Ezine Article Submission
Articles for authors, publishers and everyone.


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Resorts and
A directory of resorts on the web. Searchable by location, type and activity;
also provides definitions...

IMDb: Lew Ayres
Includes filmography, awards, and mini-biography.

Magellan Travel Inc.
Find an overview of travel and cruise packages offered.

Jurassic Punk
A huge collection of movie clips and trailers. Everything from the classics to
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Cruise Planners
Includes cruise schedules, specials, current activities, prices, passport
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Champion, Edward
Weblog on a wide range of topics by a denizen of San Francisco.

  • And if Sammy Boy can’t reveal his faults, if he’s incapable of showing any warts or even a soup├žon of humility or ignorance, what on earth is he doing podcasting? Then Rachel Donadio talks about the bestsellers list and sounds suspiciously like a novice voiceover student doing her best to ape a FM radio news correspondent (I know this because I took a few voiceover classes in the late ’90s and recalled my own clumsy efforts, and I wondered if Times expenses were being siphoned Donadio’s way), clearly reading her words from a script and trying to offer a spontaneous inflection.

  • Maybe it’s the fun-loving Californian in me, but I listened to this and wondered if Sammy Boy and his staff were trying to approximate fun, rather than approach any genuine threshold of excitement.

  • I wonder if he’d be so rigid if someone hugged him before each installment.

  • The man clearly despises this part of the job, which makes me wonder how much he secretly hates turning out the Review on a weekly basis.

  • (Part of me wonders if Smith writes a script over a weekend like Hughes.) Take, for example, a scene between Dante (played again by Brian O’Halloran) and the manager he may be in love with (Roasrio Dawson, the only cast member here not mugging to the camera) on the rooftop of Mooby’s, the fast food joint where Dante and Randal now find themselves employed ten years later after their beloved Quik Stop has burned to the ground.

    Culture by Commotion Trilogy
    Online version of the series of books that include: Plenitude, Transformation,
    Commotion. The series...

    The First Twins
    News clippings concerning the President's twin daughters, Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush.

  • Ann continues that, "[the First Twins] persist in seeing themselves as victims of daddy's job." Are the twins really upset by their status, wonders? Jenna and Barbara get to travel, wear high fashion, go to great schools, and travel across Europe.

  • I wonder if the Twins are pro- or anti- war.

  • CRUISE DISNEY WEDDING WONDER ? Hollywood Confidential
    Jeffrey Wells' movie column, normally updated every Wednesday and Friday.

  • In today's column, Jeffrey Wells wonders if Vin Diesel is the new Schwarzenegger, if Signs holds up to viewer scrutiny, why some of the digital effects in Blue Crush don't quite work, and more.

  • In today's column, Jeffrey Wells runs screaming from Eight Legged Freaks , revisits the Royal Tenenbaums , and wonders about a Hitler musical, while readers remember the Alamo .

  • Jeffrey Wells wonders if it's time for Harrison Ford to hand over his action-star badge, whether Denzel's new movie spells Oscar, what Terence Stamp is doing in Full Frontal , and more.

  • In today's column, Jeffrey Wells details the affecting 9/11 documentary In Memoriam , wonders whether audiences are ready to face The Sum of All Fears , supports attacks on Clones , and more.

  • In today's column, Jeffrey Wells wonders what the high Rings price tag means for New Line Cinema, decides that he prefers his movies edgy, recounts a Tinseltown tale about a smooth-talking ladies' man, and more.

  • Columnist Jeffrey Wells introduces a new weekly feature revolving around this year's Oscars, offers his seaworthy suggestion for a genuine remake of Ocean's 11 , wonders where to find Joe , fields reader mail, and more.

  • Reporting from New York, our columnist takes a drive down Mulholland , discusses the delay of Gangs , and wonders why the delightful Amelie was not shown at the NY Film Festival.

  • In today's column, Jeffrey Wells wonders why Dino De Laurentiis needs to re-enter the Dragon , rates the new Carrie DVD, notes the best movie endings of all time, and more.

    One Mans Guide to the Abaco Cays (Bahamas) after 30 Years of ...
    One mans guide to the Abacos and its Cays (Bahamas) after 30 years of frequent
    visits. Sometimes as...

    The Romance Reader's Favorite Movies
    Reader's reviews of their favorite movies.

  • GIANT - Watching Jordan and Leslie raise their family and grow old together is wonderful to watch.

  • Whoopi Goldberg is wonderful and a lot of fun.

  • They have wonderful chemistry and both stories are touching and funny.

  • Emma Thompson is a wonderful heroine and Kenneth Brannagh is a great hero.

  • THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES - I couldn't wait for them to kiss! PRETTY WOMAN - Richard Gere made a wonderful rescuer in his white limo.

  • TO CATCH A THIEF - Cary Grant and Grace Kelly are wonderful in this movie.

  • Jan Siberry's Favorite Romantic Movies ( THE QUIET MAN - Great kisses in the storm, wonderful characters STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN - Wartime movie, great special effects, angels, and lovers - bring your hankies! KITTY - Wartime (1945) - GREAT period movie - wonderful costumes, and the great lines!! THE BUTCHER'S WIFE - Fun movie ROBIN HOOD - Errol Flynn, of course.

  • THE PHILADELPHIA STORY - Best writing, wonderful story.
    Shop for books, music, videos, electronics, and toys; includes personalized
    recommendations and wish...

    WWWF Grudge Match: Latka Gravas vs. Balki Bartokomous
    Humorous confrontation between Balki, from "Perfect Strangers," and Latka.

  • The one-hit wonder's one-hit wonder.

  • I can't help but wonder if Cuzzin Larry will be able to throw in the towel before Latka gnaws out Balki's larynx.

  • How dare you even ASSUME Latka can lose? Seriously, we've got Balki NooneknowswhoIamavich and the CASPARIAN WONDER, MASTER OF MECHANICS, LAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTKAAAAAAAAAAA GRAAAAAAAAVAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!!!!! I don't even know who PLAYED this Balki character.

    WWWF Grudge Match: Mrs. Doubtfire vs. Tootsie
    The two manly ladies fight it out. [humor]
    Focused entirely on food - eating, drinking, cooking, consuming, as well as
    obsessing on food, wine,...

    The Unofficial Daria Movie Rumor Page
    "What would happen if Hollywood's most hated director met MTV's best cartoon?"

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