The Romandy-Simmons Galleries Annex
Patrick Romandy-Simmons is a renowned Disney artist whose works have appeared in
many of the Disney...

Walt Disney: A Biography
A short biography from the official Disney archives.

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Online framed art and print superstore. Browse artist galleries from Hadley House,
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    Australian Art Prints & Posters - PictureStore
    Large range of art prints and posters online in Australia. Users can search the
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    The Art Group
    Suppliers of greeting cards, art prints, posters, canvases, art on demand,
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    Animation Art Glossary
    Terms used in ink and paint animation.

    Sheet Music Plus
    Wide searchable catalog of sheet music titles covering all instruments and genres.
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    MiceAge.com - A different look at Disney...
    Columnists Al Lutz and Kevin Yee offer opinions about recent developments at the
    Disneyland Resort.


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    Tegneserier :: Manga :: USA comics :: Disney :: SERIEJOURNALEN ...
    Nyheder, interviews og forums. Også på engelsk. Alt om tegneserier/comics.

    Stylized Depiction
    Survey of non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) for computer graphics and animation:
    painterly rendering,...

  • Stylized Depiction in Computer Graphics Non-Photorealistic, Painterly and 'Toon Rendering an annotated survey of online resources by News The 3rd International Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering NPAR 2004 June 7-9, 2004 in Annecy, France Paper submission deadline: October 23, 2003 Sections within this page Investigations of specific techniques Relating to the field as a whole Painterly Rendering Books While I have not done research in this area myself, I am fascinated by the computer graphic technique known as non-photorealistic rendering.

  • The full paper (PDF 1.5MB ) is available online.

  • "A new NPR technique that reproduces pastel drawing-like textures by focusing especially on the attributes of pastel pigments." This SIGGRAPH sketch is apparently not online, but there is a PDF article of the same name in this .

  • "A new technique for automatically generating pencil drawings from 2D gray-scale images using line-integral convolution." (2002) by briefly describes software to "reproduce the appearance of line drawings in both pencil and ink, along with other effects such as the bleeding of ink in water and the application of pastel to paper." Full text (PDF, 1.5MB ) is available online.

  • (PDF, 0.1MB ) is available online.

  • The official online proceedings require ACM Digital Library access, some of the individual papers are available from the authors, see above.

  • See a brief video of Bill Tomlinson describing AlphaWolf (MPEG video, 7.2MB ) from SIGGRAPH Online.

    News, reviews, interviews, events, and regular daily columns.

    The Los Angeles Music Center
    Complex including the Dorothy Chandler, Mark Taper Forum, Ahmanson Theatre and
    Disney Concert Hall....

  • are available online to download.


    Bibi's Box
    A curious girl blogging to share and enjoy.

    Art/Animation Ring
    Ring of over 120 sites dealing with various aspects of animation.

  • coming soon, Meara, Tempest, Black Manta, and more ! Online portfolio of aspiring artist Timothy Gula (a.k.a Zingula) join our tOOn petitions to get your favorite cartOOn series back on TV! Come share your own animated creations or anis you have found and collected.

    DUCKhunt: Disney Comics by Don Rosa
    The most comprehensive web site about Don Rosa.

  • · · · · · · · All about the works of Disney Artist Keno Don Rosa · · 2005-01-06 13:07:00 A happy new year for all of you! For a good start the 2005 anniversary page is online.

    HARO Online Atlantis Review
    A mixed, but mostly positive, review of the film.

    Boing Boing
    A directory of wonderful things.

    Artists and resellers can advertise their art in the online gallery. Includes weekly
    updates and links.

    The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
    Includes Verizon Hall, home of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Perelman Theater and
    the Academy of Music....

  • Enjoy a meal in Center City before the show! Reservations to your favorite restaurants are now available online and the Kimmel Center is proud to launch this new program with Roy's! Located on Tier 1 of the Kimmel Center, the Moore College Galleries showcase artwork by students, faculty and alumni from the Moore College of Art & Design.

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