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Biography of Walt Disney.

  • His legacy is a veritable who's who of animated characters; Snow White, Donald Duck, Pinocchio, Alice, Bambi, Cinderella, and of course, Mickey Mouse.

  • On December 21 of that same year, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, " the first full-length animated musical feature, premiered at the Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles.

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (December 21, 1937) 2.

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    Plot summary, notes on the filmmaking, cast, songs, urban legends, and trivia.

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    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Movie DVD Review
    Ivana Redwine reviews the DVD.

  •  You are here: >>> > > FREE Newsletter Sign Up Now for the Home Video / DVD newsletter!   Search DVD Pick: "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" DVD Reviewed by Ivana Redwine Guide Rating - Tagline: "Walt Disney's First Full Length Feature Production." Length: 83 minutes MPAA Rating: G In 1937 Walt Disney created the first feature-length animated film in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, " and this enchanting movie has remained popular with both children and adults ever since.

  • Early in the film we see the wicked Queen stand before a looking glass and ask, "Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" (Contrary to popular belief, these are the exact words she speaks in the movie.) When the Queen doesn't like the answer she receives, she orders Snow White killed.

  • But Snow White gets some help from seven delightful dwarfs named Doc, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Dopey, and Grumpy, and later Prince Charming plays his part in the story as well.

  • Here we are shown wonderful ideas that didn't make it into the final cut of the movie, including "Snow White Meets the Prince, " a fantasy version of "Some Day My Prince Will Come, " and "The Prince Is Captured." I like this feature because it gives insights into the kinds of difficult decisions that had to be made in making the film.

  • Selected Special Features on the DVDs: Two-Disc Set The Making of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs "Goddess of Spring" Animated Short Audio Commentary by Walt Disney and John Canemaker "Heigh-Ho" Sing-Along "Dopey's Wild Mine Ride" Game "Some Day My Prince Will Come" Sung by Barbra Streisand History Storyboard to Film Comparisons Art and Design Visual Development Layouts and Backgrounds Camera and Tests Animation Abandoned Concepts The Restoration Deleted Scenes Related Reviews • • • From, Your Guide to .

    Microsoft vs. Disney
    Parody news story of a trademark violation.

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    Walter Crawford Kelly
    Biography and appreciation of Kelly's work, including the Pogo comic strip.

  • For a short time he was an investigator for the Bridgeport Welfare Department and studied art in New York In the mid-1930s Kelly moved to Hollywood and became an animator for Walt Disney Studios, working among others on Dumbo , Snow White , The Reluctant Dragon and Fantasia .

  • His characters talked and argued constantly with a poetic language that mixed Elizabethan English, French, and white and black Southern.


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  • We feature your favorite characters such as Snow White, Evil Queen, Little Mermaid, Ariel, Ursula, Beauty and the Beast, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Eyeore, Christopher Robbins, Piglet, Ducktales, Donald Duck, Peg Leg Pete, Cinderella, Jaq, Gus, Lucifer, Pinocchio, Stromboli, Figaro, Gepetto, Blue Fairy, Jiminy Cricket, Dopey, Fantasia, The Seven Dwarfs, Chernabog, Bambi, Thumper, Flower, The Three Caballeros, Jose Cariocca, Pecos Bill, Slue Foot Sue, Ferdinand the Bull, Song of the South, Brer Rabbit, Bongo, Lulabelle, Angus Mcbadger, Prince Charming, Prince Phillip, Alice in Wonderland, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Lost Boys, Wendy, Captain Hook, Mr.

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    Goosing Mother Goose: The Fairy Tales of Tex Avery
    Article from Bright Lights Film Journal.

  • (The fact that these stories, based on long-standing oral traditions, predate the copyright laws and were thus free to adapt was surely another factor.) In works like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1938), Disney brought the terror of "Old Europe, " with its misshapen men, paranoia-inducing forests, and witches masquerading as kindly apple-sellers, to American audiences searching for fresh thrills.

  • Whereas in a film like Snow White Disney painstakingly reproduced the forest backdrop familiar from the written fairy tale, Avery dispenses entirely with such imagery in favor of urban hot-spots like pool halls and nightclubs.

  • While Disney is correctly credited with singlehandedly rescuing the animated cartoon from the simple gag orientation of the silent era, many of his much-vaunted "characters" are quite dull, particularly the saccharine fairy tale heroines Cinderella and Snow White.

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