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  • . If Disney's foray into PG-13 flicks meets with success in Pirates , moviegoers may expect more of the same when Disney releases its big screen version of its famous "Haunted Mansion" ride later this year

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  • . You know, I hope David Lynch creeps up and down the halls of the Lynch mansion whispering "Jennifer, you've done a very bad thing." Finally, Nick is with Helena again, giving her some medication

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  • . Last year, he directed the VH1 Original Movie "Warning: Parental Advisory." Andrew Gunn (Producer) recently produced Walt Disney Pictures' "The Country Bears." He is currently producing a feature based on "The Haunted Mansion" attraction at Disneyland that will star Eddie Murphy and be directed by Rob Minkoff and is scheduled to start shooting early in 2003

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  • . Or Movie Lists This movie appears on these lists • by • by • by • by • by Sneak Peek - Realtor Jim Evers and his wife and business partner Sara get a call late one night from mansion owner Edward Gracey, who is looking to sell his property
  • . Smelling the biggest deal of their career, Jim, Sara and their two children pay a visit to the mansion, located on a remote bayou
  • . A torrential thunderstorm of mysterious origin strands the Evers family in the old mansion with the brooding, eccentric..
  • . Box Office: $75, 817, 994 Cast and Credits Starring: , , , , Directed by: Produced by: , , Production Photos Critical Consensus Critics Reviews Average Grade: C Atlanta Journal-Constitution , Bob Townsend "...tries to strike a balance between funny and scary, but the movie never really generates screams of either kind." C Boston Globe , Ty Burr "...spectacularly average." C Chicago Sun-Times , Roger Ebert " The Haunted Mansion won't much entertain older family members, but it might be fun for kids..." B- Chicago Tribune , Robert K

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  • . Coming Soon • (2005/05/25) Must Have 40 x 30 - Poster Collectibles DVD -53% -53% -35% -34% -43% -48% -30% -50% -42% -35% » » » » The Haunted Mansion Film Details Search For: Details The Haunted Mansion (2003) Trailer Directed by: Written by: David Berenbaum written by Genre Comedy / Horror / Family / Fantasy Synopsis When a workaholic visits a haunted house with his family during a job interview, he meets a ghost that teaches him a lesson about the importance of the family that he has neglected

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  • gative review by Rob Vaux.
    | The Haunted Mansion D Year Released: 2003 MPAA Rating: PG Director: Rob Minkoff Writer: David Berenbaum Cast: Eddie Murphy, Terence Stamp, Wallace Shawn, Marsha Thomason, Jennifer Tilly, Nathaniel Parker, Dina Waters
  • . Review by The late Gene Siskel once asked, "Is this film better than a documentary of the same actors having lunch?" With The Haunted Mansion , you might wonder if it's better than the same actors on a theme park ride
  • . Mansion is everything we feared Pirates would be: gimmicky, unimaginative, and shackled to its source like an anvil
  • . Mansion , on the other hand, treats its "based on" credit as the sole purpose of the exercise
  • . Mansion wastes so much energy trying to get everything in that precious little remains to justify the effort
  • . Mansion , however, has Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy), a bundle of empty stereotypes pressed into service from countless straight-to-cable disasters
  • . Indeed, he's so eager to bag the great deal that he preempts a clan outing in order to check out the mansion, complete with partner-wife (Marsha Thomason) and wee ones in tow

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  • . Other • • • • All-Reviews.com Movie/Video Review The Haunted Mansion out of 4 Starring: , Director: Rob Minkoff Rated: PG RunTime: 99 Minutes Release Date: November Genres: , , *Also starring: Don Knotts, , Nathaniel Parker, Jeremy Gilbreath, Kelly Stables, , Martin Klebba, Jeremy Howard Reviewer Roundup 1
  • . Susan Granger Review by 2½ stars out of 4 THE HAUNTED MANSION is the third Disney movie based on one of its theme park rides
  • . The best laugh at our screening came when Michael (Marc John Jefferies), the kid in the movie, utters the recycled line, "I see dead people." The story has top-notch real estate agent Jim Evers, played sweetly by Eddie Murphy, ready to postpone a key family trip for the chance to secure a lucrative listing, one for a creepy old mansion in the middle of nowhere
  • . If you've ever gone through the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland and wished that it were a movie, your dreams have been answered, right down to Madame Leota (Jennifer Tilly), a sassy talking head who lives in a crystal ball

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    The Haunted Mansion (2003) THE HAUNTED MANSION Eddie Murphy Terence Stamp Rated 88 mins On DVD Directed by Rob Minkoff Compare prices for The Haunted Mansion merchandise (New) (Used) for The Haunted Mansion The Haunted Mansion Trailer | NUMBERS : $75, 759, 571: $7, 520, 000 CONSENSUS Neither scary nor funny, The Haunted Mansion is as lifeless as the ghosts in the movie
  • . SYNOPSIS THE HAUNTED MANSION comes alive like never before with incredible visual and special effects in this all-new, fun-filled comedy adventure
  • . MPAA RATING PG, frightening images, thematic elements, and language RELEASE DATES Theatrical: Nov 26, 2003Video: Apr 20, 2004 RELEASE COMPANY Buena Vista Pictures GENRE , , , , , , , , , , OFFICIAL SITE • My Friends' Reviews of The Haunted Mansion Want to see your friends' ratings and Tomatometer appear here? Create a journal and start rating films in your entries
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  • . December 3, 2003 · Weekend box office Despite generally negative reviews, Disney's The Haunted Mansion was the US box office champ for the long Thanksgiving weekend but lost the spot to The Cat in the Hat in the Friday to Sunday span
  • . Mansion 's five-day gross was $35 million ( Cat had $34.1 million) and its weekend gross was $25.3 million, versus Cat 's $25.6 million
  • . · Weekend box office Disney's The Haunted Mansion will open on 3, 122 screens today, and insiders believe it may be number one this weekend with a take of at least $40 million
  • . November 20, 2003 · Tour the Haunted Mansion sets in LA El Capital Theatre in Los Angeles will host a "once-in-a-lifetime" behind-the-scenes tour of the real movie sets seen in Disney's The Haunted Mansion , coming out November 26, 2003

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  • . 77 : SEPULVEDA BOULEVARD [#185 -- Akom] FULL -- 2/10/92 In this spoof of "Sunset Boulevard", Montana Max is the Hollywood screenwriter / idea-thief who accidentally stumbles into the mansion of Elmyra Desmond, the washed-up once-and-future star of "Cutsey Toons"

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  • . (respiratory failure) Trivia She was the original voice of Madame Leota in The Haunted Mansion ride..


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  • ctures and trivia of the voice of the 'Ghost Host' of Disney's Haunted Mansion.
    Paul Frees (1920 - 1986) , the voice of the 'Ghost Host' of Disney's Haunted Mansion Paul Frees was a master of voices, including Ludwig vonDrake in several Disney television shows
  • . In addition to providing the voice of the Haunted Mansion 'Ghost Host', Mr

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  • . Toad’s Wild Ride (GONE); It’s a Small World; Snow White’s Adventures; Diamond Horseshoe Revue; Frontier Shooting Gallery; Country Bear Jamboree; Mike Fink Keel Boats; Hall of Presidents; Haunted Mansion; Main Street horseless carriage, Jitney, fire truck, horse-drawn streetcar and omnibus; Main Street Cinema; Walt Disney World Railroad; Skyway (GONE) and Tomorrowland Indy Speedway 1972 : If You Had Wings (GONE) 1973 : Pirates of the Caribbean; Walt Disney Story; Swan Boats; Tom Sawyer Island 1974 : StarJets; “Magic Carpet ‘Round the World” film (GONE) 1975 : Space Mountain; Carousel of Progress; WEDway PeopleMover; Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes 1980: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 1982: 5 Future World & 9 World Showcase pavilions at Epcot: Spaceship Earth; The Land; Journey Into Imagination; Universe of Energy; World of Motion (GONE); Canada; United Kingdom; France; Mexico; Germany; Italy; China; Japan; American Adventure 1983 Horizons (EC) (GONE) 1984 : Morocco showcase (EC); “American Journeys” film (MK) (GONE) 1986: The Living Seas (EC); Captain EO (EC) (GONE) 1988 : Mickey’s Starland (MK); Norway showcase (EC); Disney-MGM Studios Production facilities 1989 : Dreamflight (MK) (GONE); Wonders of Life (EC); original Disney-MGM Studios attractions: Great Movie Ride; Backstage Studio shuttle tour; Magic of Disney Animation tour; “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular;” Behind the Scenes Special Effects walking tour (GONE); Superstar Television (GONE); Monster Sound Show (GONE)

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  • . The Haunted Mansion event, being the first of such productions, was quite a treasure
  • . Since those of us who attended didn’t have a clue what would happen, I imagine they could have thrown just about anything Haunted Mansion at us and we would have been thrilled and delighted

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  • . We're not talking about the Haunted Mansion versus Peter Pan—we mean the ride from the airport to your hotel

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    Victorian mansion, 4 star AAA rated. Used as the model for the haunted mansion in Disney World.

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