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  • . A block south of the earthy cinema rests a candlelit decor shop called Gargoyles, full of gothic, stone statues that conjure forth the doomy vibe of a Transylvanian cemetery

    Toon Zone
  • . Maune on 06-29-2006 1:40 AM At the annual convention this past weekend, series creator Greg Weisman announced that Disney currently has no plans for a DVD release of Gargoyles Season Two, Volume Two

    Bonkers FanFic
  • . Bonkers gets the sack, and in a fit of depression gets sucked into a zany criminal plot to stop Disney's latest show, Gargoyles, from taking off and spelling the end for comedy cartoons

    Laranisal Gargoyles Page
  • . It was the age of Gargoyles
  • . Now here in Manhatten The spell is broken And we live again! We are defenders of the night, WE ARE GARGOYLES! Gargoyles is without doubt one of the best shows on television (animated and non-animated) and it is with great pride that I call myself a fan
  • . Here are a few of my favorite TGC moments: My all-time favorite TGC line: --Macbeth and Margot, "The Journey" The woman who does it all: --Xanatos, "Broadway Goes Hollywood" A classic kind of line from a classic kind of guy: --Hudson, "Dying of the Light" A tribute to us? --Broadway, "Dying of the Light" Finally an answer to that long-pondered question: What does a gargoyle smell like? --Robbins and Hudson, "Dying of the Light" The other kiss: Elisa and Goliath, "For It May Come True" And where else did we finally get those three little words? --Elisa and Goliath, "For It May Come True" Another one of my personal favorites: --Hudson, "Seeing Isn't Believing" I couldn't let a tribute to TGC go by without one speech from its number one villain: --Castaway, "Angels in the Night" And finally, Goliath's closing speech: --Goliath, Angels in the Night Still eager for more Gargoyles sound bytes? I have a list of links to other pages with sounds: In the process of rebuilding the sound archive from the FTP site, but also containing other goodies such as the theme to the show--in several languages


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    The Gargoyles Fan Website
  • . It was the age of gargoyles
  • . The Gargoyles Fans Convention Archives - the place to post or find Gathering Journals, Convention Pictures and things like that
  • . The fourth season of Gargoyles as envisioned by Greg Weisman and told by many talented fanfic authors
  • . Where Gargoyles fans get together to discuss events of the day If you are new to Gargoyles , this is the best place to start
  • . Gargoyles merchandise is getting more and more difficult to find
  • . There are dozens of other Gargoyles resources on the Web
  • . A convention run by Gargoyles fans for Gargoyles fans
  • . An essay series geared towards an intellectual discussion of "Gargoyles ." A detailed listing of all Gargoyles episodes
  • . People with a love for Gargoyles and a lot of free time

    Station 8 - Gargoyles
  • n interaction, images and multimedia archive, trivia, creator contact information, convention status, fan fiction, introduction and links.
    [ | ] zip links: [ | ] Available on DVD! The complete first season of Gargoyles
  • . Ask Greg is a unique chance to communicate with the co-creator, co-producer, and story editor of Gargoyles , Greg Weisman
  • . You'll find a lot of surprises and a lot of insight into the development and story of Gargoyles as well as the entertainment industry in general
  • . One of the best ways to keep the spirit of Gargoyles alive is to talk with other fans of the show
  • . A multimedia archive of Gargoyles material such as video clips, images, sound files, and maybe a little more
  • . Covers a wide area and reports on updates to many Gargoyles websites
  • . The Gathering is a yearly Gargoyles convention
  • . Avalon archives is the source for all your Gargoyles digital media needs
  • . An indispensable source on Gargoyles with episode guides and synopsis as well as information on merchandise and the people behind the creation of Gargoyles

    JEB's Gargoyles Page
  • n fiction archive, Gargoyles encyclopedia, sound clips, a section on Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington, convention reports, card game information and links.
    Welcome to Jeb's Gargoyles Page! (Last updated 7/3/2002) Please sign my guestbook! Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Problems? E-mail me at Thanks for visiting my page, everyone! :) Web space provided by
  • . It is an unofficial site that exists simply for the enjoyment of myself and other Gargoyles fans

    Chris's Gargoyles Page
  • . This page is here because, like so many others, I have a passion for the Gargoyles
  • . So tunight, when the sun goes doun, I invite 'ya tuh sit doun, relax, and enjoy all that is Gargoyles
  • . A Brief History of Disney's Gargoyles Gargoyles is a cartoon created by Disney in 1994
  • . It is based on the life and adventures of six gargoyles who have been thrown into modern day Manhatten by a magical spell
  • . Now, with the aid of detective Elisa Maza, the six gargoyles adjust to their new surroundings and adventures
  • . In 1996 Disney cancelled Gargoyles
  • . They created a spinoff called Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicals
  • . Since that time, Disney has basically bought ABC and cancelled the Gargoyles once again, this time permanantly (GULP!)
  • . In order to combat this, a group of dedicated fans have continued the series in the form of The Gargoyles Saga , a fanfiction universe
  • . Hungry for more? I knew you would be! Other Gargoyles (and Gargoyleish) Sites --I was amazed to learn that there really is a Xanatos Enterprises, owned by (believe it or not) David Xanatos

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    LJC's Disney's Gargoyles Primer
  • ries synopsis, character profiles, images and links.
    Three races once lived in harmony in this world: Humans, Gargoyles, and Oberon's Children
  • . Humans built their stone fortresses above gargoyle rookeries and lived side by side with their winged protectors, in turn keeping watch over the unhatched eggs during the day when the gargoyles were stone
  • . Humans broke their alliances with gargoyles, and soon nearly their entire race was smashed into rubble and forgotten
  • . In Scotland, north of Argyle, one clan of gargoyles had been decimated by raiding Northmen from the Western Isles, reduced to seven living members, six of them turned to stone until their castle rose above the clouds and the spell was broken
  • . Humans turned to carving grotesques and gargoyles atop their churches and castles to ward them
  • . | BROADCAST HISTORY: Gargoyles premiered October 24, 1994 with a five part premiere entitled "Awakening" which was subsequently reedited and released on video by Disney as "Gargoyles: The Heroes Awaken." After Awakening aired, the show's regular slot was on Fridays as a part of the Disney Afternoon Syndication package

    The Elisa and Goliath Story
  • . This is the Elisa and Goliath Story If you're a fan of the hit Disney Television Series, GARGOYLES, then you'll know who Elisa and Goliath are
  • . Join the mailing list Enter your name and email address: Name: Email: Subscribe Unsubscribe Gargoyles, Gargoyles:The Goliath Chronicles and their relating character's are the sole copyright property of Buena Vista Teleivision/Walt Disney Company and are used here without permission

    Monthly Gargoyles Art Contest
  • . Current topic, galleries, tips, interviews and links.
    >>Welcome to MGC! This is a monthly contest based on the Disney Show Gargoyles where fan artists can show their talent and creativity off each month! ---> ---> ---> ---> >> ........click date for update news! All artwork displaye

    The Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles
  • i-fi/Fantasy convention centered around Disney's Gargoyles animated series
  • . Van Eaton recently acquired GARGOYLES cels and drawings and now we're bringing them to you! This is your chance to take home your own unique piece of GARGOYLES artwork
  • . Cash, travellers checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cheerfully accepted! July 29-August 1 2005 The 9th Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles! Hope to see you there! Posted by on Friday, 22 October 2004 (15:04:29) EDT (336 reads) ( | Score: 0) The Art of Disney's GARGOYLES The Good Stuff Just Keeps Coming..
  • . Thanks to the kind folks at the Disney Archive, G2005 is proud to announce a special exhibition of GARGOYLES production artwork has been added to the Gathering lineup
  • . Com to bring back GARGOYLES) is coming to the Gathering! Be sure to stop by their booth in the Dealers Hall and say "Hello and Welcome!" Posted by on Monday, 20 June 2005 (18:28:51) EDT (275 reads) ( | Score: 4) Just Added to the Line Up! Season Two Co - Producer Dennis J


    The Gargoyles Rule Ring Thing

  • . Contains member links and membership information.
    Welcome, Guest - - The Gargoyles Rule Ring Thing Ring Manager: > > > > > A ring for the show of Disney cartoon show 'Gargoyles.' Websites with Disney 'Gargoyles' content is welcome to join
  • . Ring Stats · Created 12/31/1996 · 7 active site(s) · 6 page views today · 9720 total page views · Sites in Ring Sites 1 - 7 of 7 Search for in Sponsor Ring Site(s) My Gargoyles website
  • . He can be heard as the voice of Jackel in various Gargoyles productions
  • . A Gargoyles Mesage Board Role Playing Game
  • . Come play as your favorite character or create your own! Gargoyles cartoon directory with pictures, episodes, characters, art, and other Gargoyles items
  • . I have the following fandoms: Full Metal Alchemist, X-men(working on a new story), X-Force, The Black Stallion series, Gargoyles, Inuyasha, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Jem and Youngblood fanfiction on my site

    Toon Zone
  • . Maune on 06-29-2006 1:40 AM At the annual convention this past weekend, series creator Greg Weisman announced that Disney currently has no plans for a DVD release of Gargoyles Season Two, Volume Two

    The Avalon Archive: The Cast of Gargoyles
  • otos and brief profiles of the primary voice cast and guest stars.
    Note: This document originated at Buena Vista's Official Gargoyles Site, and is copyright Buena Vista Television
  • . The Cast of Gargoyles Click on the thumbnails to view larger photos
  • . the Cardinal in Disney's "The Three Musketeers." (Several of the Gargoyles fans think he should have his own late night talk show
  • . A former football player turned acting student, he has appeared in several theater productions, including Broadway's "The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, " and in the feature films "Funny Farm, " "The Secret of My Success" and "Loose Cannons." Greg Weisman credits Fagerbakke with saving Gargoyles
  • . At a very tense press conference before the airing of Gargoyles, the press wasn't prepared for the dramatic demo Weisman had brought with him to plug the show
  • . Just as many of the Gargoyles voice artists, Mann has also had appearances on "Star Trek: The Next Generation." As a side note, Mann is the voice of Michigan J

    And I Get Paid!?!: The Life of a Voice Actor
  • . Her animation credits include voice work on Disney's Beauty and the Beast , 101 Dalmatians , Jungle Cubs , Quack Pack , Gargoyles , Pepper Ann and Recess; Nickelodeon's Rugrats and Hey Arnold; DreamWorks' Invasion America and Toonsylvania; Universal's Casper , Earthworm Jim and Savage Dragon; Hanna-Barbera's Dexter's Laboratory; HBO's Spawn; Warner Bros.' Space Jam , and LucasArts games Full Throttle, Outlaws and Mortimer

    Who2: Actors Who Do Cartoon Voices
  • . Asner's voice roles in the 1990s included stints on Batman: The Animated Series (Roland Daggett), Gargoyles (Hudson) and Freakazoid! (Sgt
  • . In the animated series Gargoyles , bad guy Xanatos was voiced by, who played Commander Will Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • . Gargoyles also used the voice talents of, but who didn't? Curry, whose most famous screen role is that of Frank N

    Juan F. Lara's Home Page o' Links
  • . - The home page of the writer-producer of "Invasion America" and story-editor of "Gargoyles" and "Batman: the Animated Series", featuring comprehensive lists of his writing credits

    UltimateDisney.com - Disney Television Shows
    Guide to all Walt Disney television series with reviews and up-to-date information on DVD availability.
    | TV Shows UltimateDisney.com Top Stories : > | Disney TV Animation # Title Year Available on DVD? / Notes 1 "The Gummi Bears" 1985-1991 Not available on DVD; 95 episodes produced (6 seasons) 2 "The Wuzzles" 1985-1986 Not available on DVD; 13 episodes produced 3 1987-1992 3-disc now on DVD; contains episodes #1-27; 1.33:1, DD mono; $34.99 SRP; Volume 2 set rumored for release

    The Disney Afternoon Ring
  • . These shows include Gummi Bears, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, DuckTales, Tale Spin, Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop, Bonkers, Aladdin, Gargoyles, Quack Pack, Timon and Pumbaa, The Mighty Ducks, 101 Dalmatians, Hercules, and Buzz Lightyear

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