Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
Plot Summary.

  • Earlier efforts to combine humans and ink-and-paint cartoon characters side-by-side in a film [Disney's Song of the South and Mary Poppins , for example] are considered primitive next to this film.

  • Director Robert Zemeckis must be credited for piecing together the production that involved hundreds of animators, and the special visual effects of George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic, Amblin Entertainment, Walt Disney and other studios.

  • It was filmed as a tribute to the entire pantheon of cartoon characters from Disney, Warner Bros., and MGM, and other studios in the 1940s.

  • In this landmark film, the Toons include appearances and cameos by Donald and Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird and Sylvester, Woody Woodpecker, the Weasels - from Disney's The Wind in the Willows , Mickey Mouse, three hummingbirds from Disney's Song of the South , the Road Runner and the Coyote, the black Crows and Dumbo from Disney's Dumbo , Betty Boop, Droopy Dog, and many more.

  • Unprecedented cooperation from Warner Brothers and Disney allowed for classic cartoon characters to be seen together for the first time, such as Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny parachuting together, having both Tinkerbell and Porky Pig end the movie, and, of course, the famous piano duel between Daffy and Donald Duck in a Cotton Club-style nightclub, the Ink & Paint Club.

  • Maroon explains that he got Dumbo on loan from Disney: "I got him on loan from Disney - him and half the cast of Fantasia .

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    WWWF Grudge Match
    Fictional comedic send-up piting Donald against Daffy with commentary.

  • Donald on the other hand is strictly Disney, which is going to severely tie his hands.

  • Disney is far too sanitized now to let one of their most noted characters break out the heavy hardware, adverse affect on impressionable children and all that.

  • | Voter Comments RESPONSE OF THE WEEK GRUDGIE ™ As a parent of a six and four year old and relentlessly explioted by the Disney corporation, I hope that Daffy hangs Donald with his own intestines.

  • Looks like a virtual gotterdammerung for Disney, until .

  • Disney!!! Now, drawing from past Classic Grudge Matches (tm), we see that each conglomerate has won one battle (Microsoft vs.

  • Disney, Taz vs.

  • Evil (Disney).

  • Let's face it, the only Disney 'toon to suffer anything approaching a Warner Brothers-level of pain is Goofy, and even then, it was all self-inflicted.

  • Bottom line: Disney 'toons can't fight.

  • Disney is too damned cutesy to even understand the concept of smart-assedness.

  • Donald is a Disney toon.

  • Even Hercules(tm, Disney version) would be hard pressed to come out the better in a scrap with Daffy.

  • Donald as mere pawns of a bigger chess match: Past -- Disney kills Microsoft, in the Original Grudge Match, demonstrating it's power to wipe out villainous corporations, much less WB.

  • Present -- Quest for Camelot, a Disney imitation by WB, really really sucks, I've heard, yeah.

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  • Leave it to Disney to jump on the bandwagon, though, with a trio of new extended editions – Con Air , Crimson Tide , and Enemy of the State (Touchstone/Hollywood, Not Rated, DVD-$19.99 SRP each).

  • How many of you out there are old enough to remember just what a colossal hit Dinosaurs (Walt Disney, Not Rated, DVD-$39.99 SRP) was when it began airing on ABC in the early 90’s? When the Jurassic Sinclair clan was must-see TV, and Baby Sinclair’s cry of “Not the mama!” was a national catchphrase, a latter day “Where’s the beef?” Well, it was, and if you watch the episodes contained on the 4-disc set collecting the first and second seasons, you’ll see why – the show is still funny, and the Jim Henson Creature Shop’s costume work is simply amazing.

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