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Emuck: Allwine/Taylor Invited Talk Transcript
Online chat with Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor - voices of Disney's Mickey and
Minnie Mouse.

Bill Bennett, Director of Photography
Cinematographer and Director of Photography specializing in the shooting of TV
commercials in the...

The Day The Music Died
By Craig Crumpton. [Toon Zone] "Remembering Lorenzo Music, Voice of Garfield."

  • From (friend and associate; Creator of ): When we held auditions for the voice of Garfield, I wasn't exactly sure what we were looking for -- I just knew I'd know it when I heard it.

  • After dozens of auditions, I began to feel uncertain we'd ever find the right Garfield.


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    Jain, Rajeev
    Features movies, articles and biographical information about the filmmmaker.
    Arriflex rate cards.

    IMDb: Eugene Levy
    Filmography, profile, pictures, notable television appearances, and writing,
    directing, and producing...

  • Singer at Audition (1989) TV Series (voice) (1989) ....

    Interview with Mary Kay Bergman
    By Linda Tindall, reproduced from Toon Talk, Issue 9, with a focus on "What Dreams
    May Come".

  • Every Friday we do like forty promos at a clip so you know there's so much going on and constant auditions and constant having to be prepared for something coming up I have so little time that it's really, really becoming more difficult for me to take an evening out of my week to teach and that's a shame because I really enjoy it.

    Tiscali Film: Kate Beckinsale
    Detailed biography.

  • Yet there was also a most excellent up (dude) when she passed an audition to play along Keanu Reeves, Denzel Washington and Emma Thompson in Kenneth Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing, her first celluloid venture.

  • Benefits

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    Atomic Kitten News
    News about Atomic Kitten continually updated from around the net.

  • Digitalspy.co.uk | Thursday Jul 6 The show, broadcast on youth channel Trouble, aims to find the UK's best amateur dancer through an extensive auditions process.

    Head Hunters Casting
    A local casting agency helps aspiring actors and actresses find audition opportunities.

    Barnes & Noble.com: Warwick Davis
    Interview discussing the making of Willow.

    UltimateDisney.com: Sweet Valley High
    Season One DVD review with pictures.

  • A switch in the audition tapes has the inept Jessica hired for the position.


    A Night With Lea Salonga
    Internet chat session at the TalkCity Pavillion August 1, 1997.

  • I've been stopped from auditions because of my background, and to do Les Miz was my way of getting sweet revenge.

  • I only learned about Les Miz when it was time to audition.

  • Questions: Toria says: What's it like to work for Disney? LeaSalonga : It's a lot of fun! Questions: AirForce1 says: Have you ever auditioned for a show and did not get it? How did that make you feel? LeaSalonga : I've gotten the shows that I've auditioned for...

  • Questions: DavidTurley says: Now I have been in several shows at my hometown like "Anything Goes" and "Hello Dolly!", but how do I know if I am good enough for Broadway and is it hard??? LeaSalonga : How will you know if you're good enough for Broadway? Audition for shows on Broadway...

    CyberChat With Lea - Part 2
    Chat interview conducted by the Philippine Headline News Online last June 25, 1998.

  • <Tina> Did you audition for your part in Mulan? <Lea> Yes, I did.

  • <Rey> Lea, who else auditioned for the Mulan singing voice? <Lea> I have no idea...

    Radio 411 - Voice Over/Production
    Links directory of voice talent and production companies.

    Tibby's Bowl Entertainment Magazine
    Covers books, movies, television, and multimedia.

  • Still, it has its fans, and if you count yourself amongst them you’ll be happy with the new 2-disc special edition, featuring commentaries, deleted/extended scenes, behind-the-scenes featurettes, audition clips, promos, and more.

    What Makes Puddy Putter?
    IF magazine article about Patrick Warburton in the new indie comedy The Woman Chaser.

    News, image gallery, forum, video and audio clips, fan fiction and trivia.

    The Unmistakable Hilary Duff
    Fan page including a biography, images, and her film credits.

  • She decided to become an actress while touring with the Cechetti Ballet and began heading to auditions.

    Weblog of movie viewing, news and gossip, new releases, DVDs and opinion by a
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