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  • (Win95/98) by Little Bits Multimedia (Win3) by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by Flix Productions (Dos) by PBS Online (Win3, Win95/98) Age 2 to 5 by Penguin Putnam Inc.

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    FamilyFun: Weather Wizards: Build Your Own Weather Station
    Contains instruction to build a home weather station and some basic experiments.


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    Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
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  • Earlier efforts to combine humans and ink-and-paint cartoon characters side-by-side in a film [Disney's Song of the South and Mary Poppins , for example] are considered primitive next to this film.

  • Director Robert Zemeckis must be credited for piecing together the production that involved hundreds of animators, and the special visual effects of George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic, Amblin Entertainment, Walt Disney and other studios.

  • It was filmed as a tribute to the entire pantheon of cartoon characters from Disney, Warner Bros., and MGM, and other studios in the 1940s.

  • In this landmark film, the Toons include appearances and cameos by Donald and Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird and Sylvester, Woody Woodpecker, the Weasels - from Disney's The Wind in the Willows , Mickey Mouse, three hummingbirds from Disney's Song of the South , the Road Runner and the Coyote, the black Crows and Dumbo from Disney's Dumbo , Betty Boop, Droopy Dog, and many more.

  • Unprecedented cooperation from Warner Brothers and Disney allowed for classic cartoon characters to be seen together for the first time, such as Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny parachuting together, having both Tinkerbell and Porky Pig end the movie, and, of course, the famous piano duel between Daffy and Donald Duck in a Cotton Club-style nightclub, the Ink & Paint Club.

  • Maroon explains that he got Dumbo on loan from Disney: "I got him on loan from Disney - him and half the cast of Fantasia .


    Northeast Cruise Guide
    Car cruises, events and information on the car hobby in the Vermont, New York
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    Kinoeye: Suspiria
    Academic analysis by Linda Schulte-Sasse.

  • Vol 2 Issue 11 10 June 2002 KINOEYE E-MAIL UPDATES ARCHIVES COUNTRY ARCHIVES SEARCH HORROR The "mother" of all horror movies Dario Argento's Suspiria (1977) In this multi-layered examination of Argento's undisputed magnum opus, Linda Schulte-Sasse analyses the use of gothic spaces and sly references to fascism and the film's eligibility for being "Disney's hidden reverse." Dario Argento has been called the "Italian Hitchcock" and the "Visconti of Violence." Perhaps, but if we must pin a catchy canonical label to Argento, my vote would go to "Disney's hidden reverse, " and Suspiria (1977) is the best reason why.

  • But if Disney's artificiality invites us to share a beautiful fantasy of stability and reassurance, Argento's fantasma goria goes for the exact opposite, destabilising every inch of the way and graphically visualising the bodily violence and dismemberment of many a Grimm fairytale (pun intended).

  • Why is the young psychiatrist's shirt the same bewitched green that Sara was bathed in before setting off to be killed? Does the blurred reflection of Suzy and Milius in a window suggest the fuzzy subjective boundaries of the gothic world? Blindness and insight If the hidden reverse of fascism's friendly face was brutality, Argento's cinema reverses Disney to show the source of beauty in rottenness and the impossibility of reliance —on the spoken or written word, on technology, on other people, on oneself.

  • As much a reverberation as an inversion of Disney, Susperia 's sheer specularity invites a more contemplative than narrative mode of viewing, even as a story of movement through space.

    Powell's Books: Greil Marcus
    Dave Weich's interview with the author.

  • Powell's Kathi Kirby assures readers, "This is not your Disney bedtime tale." Lamott has an uncanny knack for breaking down complicated issues with common (albeit quirky) sense.

  • The author of ten gut-busting, page-turning mysteries , two collections of fiery newspaper columns , an indictment of the Disney empire, and now two acclaimed books for young readers , and, Carl Hiaasen stopped by to talk about his writing, Florida, movie adaptations, discovering Christopher Paolini, and more.

    Martin, Ann M. | Baby-sitters Club
    A brief biography of Ann Martin and links to interviews and books.

    Kool Print
    Stationery, business and post cards, CDs, forms, promotional items and presentation

    Anything For Baby
    Rents baby equipment and accessories to families traveling or relocating to the
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    Toys of Another Time
    Sells a large variety of Baby Boomer toys including dolls, cartoon collectibles,
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  • Miscellaneous Toys and OtherVintage Items Pelham Puppet - clown, MIB, with instructions, not sure what year but believe 1960s, window of box is coming unglued...$40 Disneyland Original Concert Grand Xylophone - by Tudor Metal Products , in original box, includes music stand and music book, box top is torn off and box has some water marks on the back, some orange scuff marks on keys that might come off, one end key doesn't play well because of metal bent slightly (might be able to fix but don't want to mess with).

  • It is not shown in any collecting book we've seen either...$40 Walt Disney's Mary Poppins Dress-Up Kit - copyright 1964, box is squashed a bit and paper is torn off on corners of box.

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