MAKE.MONEY.FAST and Other Internet Hoaxes
Contains an introduction to -- and warning about -- three of the most widely-known
Internet hoaxes which never seem to die out.

  • MAKE.MONEY.FAST and Other Internet Hoaxes The Internet reaches millions of people all over the world, a huge market for people who want to make money, spread rumors, and simply be mischievous

  • Here's your introduction to -- and warning about -- three of the most widely-known Internet hoaxes which never seem to die out

  • ' E-mail is the perfect way to send out chain letters, isn't it? A few keystrokes will send ten of your closest friends this most famous of Internet scams: the MAKE.MONEY.FAST chain letter

  • Thanks to the Internet, though, kindly people keep telling everyone they know that Craig needs more cards

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  • I realized then that my best hope of resurrecting the Foundation and providing for my family was to utilize the power of modern technology and generate my own funding for travel and expenses as well as investment in projects such as rural Internet schooling

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    The Make Money Fast Myth Page
    Be warned - you are likely to be harassed by angry recipients if you send on
    chain emails, and your Internet account could be terminated.

  • You are visitor number to these pages since December 9, 1996 Including 10, 190 that visited these pages between December 9, 1996 and October 11, 1997, before they were moved to this location from their previous site This series of pages is dedicated to the eradication of that nearly lowest of low slime, the Make Money Fast Internet Chain Letter

  • For example, Dave Rhodes spent a number of years in a Federal Prison (and may still be there for all I know) for his starting of this whole scheme electronically back in the days of the Bulletin Board Services instead of the internet

  • They may be disseminated over the Internet, or may require the copying and mailing of computer disks rather than paper

  • In addition, virtually every ISP (Internet Service Provider) out there will either suspend or terminate your account for pepetuating these illegal items

  • If there is any way to trace you (and don't sell the information capacity of the Internet short - you can find virtually anything about anyone), your phone will begin to ring and you will be harrassed by people calling at all hours of the day and night in retribution

  • The Detectives - Here are some examples of some of the and other usenet/internet abusers as a whole (including MMF spammers)

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    Make Money Fast
    Short article on this illegal pyramid scheme, which is typically spread by e-mail
    and Usenet spam or bulletin board posts.

  • The scam soon reached the Internet, where it was forwarded over e-mail and Usenet although it was not until became a major problem in 1994 that 'Make money fast' exploded

  • When the popularity of the Internet exploded in the mid-1990s, millions of copies of 'Make money fast' were forwarded to Internet users by thousands of different persons

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  • But, that doesn't mean the site is going away! Nor are we, for those of you who are thinking of participating in an MMF pyramid scheme, 'gifting club', 'Nigeria 4-1-9', phishing expedition, or other means of separating folks from their $$$$MONEY$$$$$ using the Internet! We've just been on a brief hiatus, dealing with that thing called 'work' that our real jobs ( the ones we get paid to do ) give us from time to time

  • I don't know if the Internet provides a unique combination of anonymity and laziness that allows people to be scammed so easily or what -- it just turns out that way

  • You'd like to know why and how the state of West Virginia got involved, right? I mean: Who knew they had Internet access? As it turns out, New Balance is an example of how Canadians appear to be spending their time these days: Creating advance-fee loan scams for the less-than-wary Internet denizen


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