Featuring Gothic fantasy designs that includes apparel, calendars, tarot cards,
and post cards.

  • Vampire, gothic, fantasy, sci-fi and medieval creations by Joseph Vargo

  • Vargo Art Books The first edition of Born of the Night: The Fantasy Artwork of Joseph Vargo

    Sinister Visions: Dark art, design and illustration by Chad Savage
    The dark art of Chad Savage. Pen, pencil, digital, mixed media, comics and photos.
    Zombo The Clown and the Vampire Carvnival.

  • Sinister Visions specializes in (but is not limited to) the following fields: Horror Dark Fantasy Haunted Attractions Halloween Related Gothic Industrial (lifestyle, not industry) Tattoo / Body Modification Fetish creates web sites, posters, t-shirts, fonts, graphics, graphic design, web design, web hosting and much more for haunted houses, haunted attractions, bands, horror, halloween, gothic, industrial and other dark industries

    Kreative Soul - The Art of Tom Deacon. Dark Fantasy Art, Mythical ...
    The art of Tom Deacon, featuring dark fantasy, mythical, gothic, and surreal themes.
    Products include posters and clothing.

  • I'm a graphic designer who specializes in fantasy art and psycho-surreal imagery

  • On that note, I'd like to thank you for taking an interest in my artwork and I hope you find something you like! Show your support Like what you see? Please vote for us in the ! Check out where you can find t-shirts, cards, prints and various other items that feature the art of Tom Deacon! art, artist, fantasy, free e cards, dark fantasy, fantasy art, dark, visionary, mythical, gothic, surreal, macabre, occult, pagan, fine art, brisbane, australia, australian, comic, comics, horror, original, fantasy artist, fantasy artists, graphics, fairy, fairies, dream, dreams, dreaming, dungeons and dragons, rpg, art galleries, tom deacon, thomas, web design, freelance, illustration, illustrator, graphic design, graphic designer, portraits, vampire, prints, t-shirts, pictures, free, free clip art, anime, monsters, greeting cards, screensavers, free downloads Online Shop Questions or comments? Please read the or the artist

    Online gallery of the dark illustrated works of fantasy artist ...
    Dark artist Jason Beam - who has been working in the digital genre and dark art
    since 1995 - brings you limited edition prints, posters, cards, ...

  • Definitely worth picking up! The Dark, Fantasy Art of Jason Beam This is the online gallery of the dark illustrated works of fantasy artist Jason Beam - who has been working in the digital genre since 1995 creating dark-themed fantasy and gothic styled artwork

  • His sultry and sensual style coupled with fantasy subject matter such as angels, demons, vampires, literary characters, urban legends and others have carved him a unique niche in the art and illustration world

  • Find fantasy art limited edition prints, posters, cards, gifts and original artwork on the site that cater to the gothic, fantasy, scifi art genres

  • If you decide you need a different host, click the link above and after you sign up just send me a copy of your reciept and I'll send you a free print! About Jason Beam Studios This website is the online gallery of the dark illustrated works of fantasy artist Jason Beam - who has been working in the digital genre and dark art since 1995


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    Brase, Andy - Dark Fantasy Illustrator
    Andy's dark fantasy, horror, and sci-fi illustrations.

  • Andy Brase Dark Fantasy/Horror/Sci-fi/SuperHero artist--- Andy has done work for Wizards of the Coast, Marvel, DC, Penny Farthing Press, Aspen Comics, Fantasy Flight, White Wolf, Apophis Consortium, Cryonica Records, and more

  • Joe Size: 21 items (41 items total) Views: 15942 Album: Shadowrun/Obsidian No description Size: 9 items Views: 13309 Album: White Wolf Demon, Vampire, Exalted Size: 12 items Views: 18699 Album: Fantasy Flight Games Dragonstar, Midnight, Monsters, Legends & Lairs Size: 4 items (36 items total) Views: 9499 Album: Sketches & Pencil Work No description Size: 17 items Views: 13156 Recent comments Oops Sorry..

    Fantasy Art Angels,Dragons & Horror Art Gifts :
    Offers posters, womens apparel, coffee mugs and ceramic tiles featuring vivid art work.

  • | » » » » » » » » » » » » SHOPKEEPER BIO » » » » » » » » » » » Fantasy Art Gifts offers Dragons, Angels, Horror fantasy art & Christian art available on prints, posters, coffee mugs, women's apparel, stickers & other art gifts

  • Featuring Leaf Dragons, Wood Dragons & larger types of dragon pictures, Archangel pictures with other Christian art gifts, gothic horror fantasy pictures for ones who love the darker side of things

  • All fantasy & Christian art gifts are 100% guaranteed best quality, plus there is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all products

  • Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay at fantasy art gifts

    The SF Site: The Best in Science Fiction and Fantasy
    Includes numerous book reviews, news, links to related resources, and also hosts
    the websites of various science fiction and fantasy e-zines.

  • The SF Site: The Best in Science Fiction and Fantasy SF Site Mailing List Email: Subscribe Unsubscribe More Reviews Advertisement Author Lists Topical Lists Links Hosted Sites by Steven Erikson reviewed by Neil Walsh In this sixth volume of Tales of the Malazan Book of the Fallen , the events of the Malazan campaigns on Genabackis and Seven Cities, the Tiste Edur conquest of the Letherii Empire, the machinations of the Malazan Empress, her allies and enemies, assassins and wizards, soldiers and priests, gods and ascendants, foundlings, slaves, refugees -- almost everyone we've met so far and everything that has happened is pulled together in this book

  • Dodds If you're looking for this book to be yet another instalment of the post-Tolkien fantasy paradigm, you'll be very disappointed

    Dark Whimsy Gothic Fairy Art
    Fantasy, dragon, and tarot themes are embodied in original, painted, quilted wall
    hangings and mixed-media sculptures by artist Connie Maria Plieger.

  • Dark Whimsy Gothic Fairy Art Original Fairy and Fantasy Art by C

  • Maria Plieger, which showcases the artist's original fantasy artwork

  • Here you'll find paintings of fairies, goblins, elves, dragons, and other creatures of fantasy, myth and magic

  • Benefits

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    Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy Books, Games, T-shirts ...
    Small press publisher of boundary-blurring SFF.

  • Publishers of books and short story anthologies, fiction books, science-fiction books, fantasy books, dark-fantasy books, humor books, horror books, and YA books, featuring kick-ass characters from all walks of life such as, bubbas, gay, lesbian, transgender, vampires, detectives, soldiers, etc

  • Located in Kibler, AR, Yard Dog Press specializes in science-fiction, fantasy, dark-fantasy, humor, horror, and YA books you would actually like to read videogiochi, film e DVD, download, trucchi ...
    Offre news, Faq, screenshot, guide, trucchi, ed informazioni su tutti i giochi.

    Ariock® - Chaotian Fearotic arts© -
    Erotic, dark, fantasy, comics & pinup art by french illustrator and photographer
    Ariock, one of today's top french Fantasy erotica artist.

  • Logo impact webdesigns Photo mutations incrustation retouche et correction superpositions full impact designs Posters Flyers Tickets T-Shirts produits derives Catalogues Brochures DVD et CD Packaging Couvertures de livres Magazines Commercial Bannieres objets promotionnels Video - Dark Art Erotic Art Fantastic Art Fantasy Art Fetish Art Glamour Art horror Art Occult Art Pinup Art xXx Art - Realm of Ariock leca umhr sonit, Chaotian Altar creation Studio Specialized in all visions of the Mystical and sensual fantastic art: Fantastic art, Photography, Illustration, Creation, nightmares & Sensual creatures..

  • Logo impact webdesigns Photo mutations incrustation photo correction superpositions full impact designs Posters Flyers Tickets T-Shirts collectibles Catalogs Brochures DVD and CD Packaging book covers Magazines Commercial Banners promotionnal items Video - Dark Art Erotic Art Fantastic Art Fantasy Art Fetish Art Glamour Art horror Art Occult Art Pinup Art xXx Art , &specialisé dans l' e et les : Dans ce site vous trouverez: et plus de , et plus encore, de et plus, et ecrites par, et , et encore plus de choses comme, boutique de, & specialized into and : In this website you will find: and more, and more, of and more, and writed by, and , and more stuff and goodies like, for , ATTENTION! Ariock leca umhr sonit® est une marque deposée

    Gregory, Robert
    Abstract, dark photography art. Mostly black and white.


    British Fantasy Society - Welcome
    A Science Fiction-Fantasy club based in the UK. Links to fiction, authors, artists,
    small press and independent publishers, conventions and writer's resources ...

  • SITE MAP INFORMATION NEWS COMMUNITY ARCHIVE WELCOME TO THE BFS WEBSITE The British Fantasy Society exists to promote and enjoy the genres of fantasy, science fiction and horror in all its forms

  • We celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2001, and in 2000 won the World Fantasy Award in the Non-professional Organisation category

  • Click to read a welcome message from BFS President Ramsey Campbell Tideland Competition The British Fantasy Society are delighted to announce a competition in conjunction with the makers of Terry Gilliam’s latest film, Tideland, Revolver Films

  • Directions: Please see Any queries please email New British Fantasy Society Special Publication A Major New Anthology from the World Fantasy Award-Winning British Fantasy Society! Here in this very special publication you will find stories from some of the top award-winning and bestselling horror, fantasy and science fiction authors on the planet MOSTLY ORIGINAL AND RARELY SEEN MATERIAL

  • In addition, we present some of their remembrances and ponderings about the unique organisation that is the BFS, from tales about FantasyCons gone by to how they first became members

    Abstract art. Surrealism. Fantasy art. Russian art. Original paintings
    Original paintings for sale by contemporary surrealists and abstract artists.

  • We offer a selective collection of abstract paintings, surrealism, modernism, fantasy paintings, impressionist painting

  • Fantasy paintings

  • Clement of Rome" Russia "The Annunciation" Russia "Emerald waves " Russia "Sunflowers" abstract art, abstract paintings, original paintings, russian paintings, modern paintings, sculpture, wood sculpture, surrealism, surreal paintings, surreal art, russian paintings, abstract painting, still life paintings, russian paintings, surrealist artists, fantasy art, russian paintings, fantasy pics, abstract pics, surrealizm, abstract oil painting, abstract pictures, sculpture, wood sculpture, modernism paintings, surreal pics, russian paintings, sculpture, wood sculpture, fantasy artists, online gallery, online art gallery submission, galleries submission, sculpture, wood sculpture, submit art, oil paintings, acrylic, art gifts, original sculpture

    2001 World Fantasy Convention - for writers, artists, publishers ...
    November 1-4, 2001. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

  • 2001 World Fantasy Convention November 1-4, 2001 At the Delta Centre-Ville Hotel Montreal, Quebec, Canada WELCOME Welcome to the Home Page for the 2001 World Fantasy Convention! This year's convention will be held November 1-4, 2001 at the Delta Centre-Ville Hotel in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • Guests of Honour FRED SABERHAGEN JOEL CHAMPETIER DONATO GIANCOLA Toastmaster CHARLES de LINT CONTACTING THE CONVENTION Mailing Address: 2001 WFC PO Box 7191 Chandler, AZ 85246-7191 USA Email: Telephone: (602) 395-1945 (Please address your mail/email to the attention of the department you want to contact) Additional Upcoming World Fantasy Conventions For information about other upcoming World Fantasy Conventions, or past World Fantasy Conventions, please visit WHAT IS THE WORLD FANTASY CONVENTION? The World Fantasy Convention is an annual gathering (almost a reunion) of professionals, collectors, and others interested in the field of Light and Dark Fantasy art and literature

  • The main feature of the convention is the World Fantasy Awards, presented at a banquet on Sunday afternoon of each convention

  • World Fantasy Convention is also defined by what it does not include

    :: ihg :: International Horror Guild :: ihg ::
    The IHG was created in 1995 as a way to recognize the achievements of those who
    create in the field of horror and dark fantasy.

  • Based on public recommendations, the juried awards recognize outstanding achievements in the field of Horror and Dark Fantasy

  • 'Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's contributions to the field of horror and dark fantasy are inestimable

  • Nominations in recognition of achievement in the field of horror/dark fantasy during 2005 are: NOVEL • Brett Easton Ellis

  • 'Proboscis' ( Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Feb 05) • Jeffrey Ford

  • 'Boatman's Holiday' ( Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Oct 05) • Joe Hill

  • The Imago Sequence ( Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 05) • Gary Braunbeck

  • Magic for Beginners (Small Beer Press ANTHOLOGY • No Award PERIODICAL • The Book of Dark Wisdom (William Jones, Editor/Publisher: Elder Signs Press) • The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (Gordon van Gelder, Publisher/Editor: Spilogale, Inc.) • Postscripts (Peter Crowther, Editor/Publisher, PS Publishing) • SciFiction (Ellen Datlow, Editor: • Subterranean (Bill Schafer, Editor/Publisher: Subterranean Press) ILLUSTRATED NARRATIVE • The Black Forest 2 by Todd Livingston, Robert Tinnell, Neil Vokes (Image Comics) • The Dark Horse Book of The Dead edited by Scott Allie (Dark Horse Books) • Memories by Enki Bilal (Humanoid/DC) • The Plot: The Secret Story of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion by Will Eisner (Norton) • Plucker by Brom (Harry N

    A Denver fantasy convention offering live music, workshops, demonstrations,
    competitions, open mikes, gaming, a variety of merchants, and an art sale.


  • But when the dust clears we will be ready to put on the best Fantasy-centric festival this side of the Rockies

    DreamHaven Books, Comics and Art
    Science-fiction store offers current events and books of the month.

  • DreamHaven Books .Comics .Art S H O P P I N G Browse by Category: Open in New Window: DreamHaven specializes in new and used science fiction, fantasy, horror, film and media books, and comic books

  • The site includes our used, rare, and collectible inventory of science fiction, fantasy, horror, film magazines, pulps, and more

  • He describes his new novel WebMage as a combination of urban fantasy and cyberpunk

  • Photo by Carol Collins Saturday, October 14th, 3:00PM Book launch for Lois McMaster Bujold's new fantasy novel The Sharing Knife Vol

  • Lois has won numerous awards, both for her Vorkosigan science fiction series and for her Chalion fantasy novels, and is one of our favorite authors here at DreamHaven

  • Story - fantasy - dark

  • Novel - fantasy / mystery

  • Novel - fantasy - urban

  • Graphic novel - fantasy - humorous

  • DVD - fantasy

  • Novel - fantasy

  • Collection - art - fantasy / science fiction

  • Anthology - science fiction / fantasy

  • Anthology - science fiction / fantasy

  • Young reader novel - fantasy

  • Young reader novel - fantasy

    Nevin Zero Dark Art Entry Page - WHERE DARK ART LIVES!!!
    Dark and gothic artwork by Nevin Zero. Prints available.

  • I sometimes call it dark fantasy art or DARK ART


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