Agostino Manzato

Physicist, Meteorologist
working at the Regional Observatory of Friuli Venezia Giulia
via Oberdan, 16/A 
I-33040 Visco (UD) 

TEL    +39 0432 934163 
FAX   +39 0432 934100 



Main activities

  • Development of software for the radiosounding analysis and the computation of instability indices.
  • Development of ensemble neural network tools for short-time thunderstorm and rain forecast, using instability indices derived by radiosoundings or GCM.
  • Conversion in NetCDF and GRIB formats of meteo data (stations, soundings, satellite, models,...)
  • Visualization of real time meto data using the NCAR "ZEBRA" software.
  • Case studies and research on convection, rainfall and hail.


Education and courses

Curriculum Vitae (300kB PDF)


Selected references

Some Internet links on different subjects

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