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After more than 70 years of service, the Ventotto tram is become a sybol of the city of Milano. In 1996 ATM restored unit 1503 bringing it to the aspect that had during its first time of service without the rear door, following Peter Witt's scheme. This car is used for special trips, but it is sometimes pressed in service on route 27 in no-private traffic Sundays. The photo was taken in the old reversing loop of piazza Fontana on March 26th 2000.

Milano is the most interesting Italian city about electric transport: it has the largest tramway system (177 km in 2001), the largest trolleybus system (40 km) and the largest metro system of Italy (69 km). Milano is the terminal of the last two classic interurban tramways, too (25 km). All these systems are operated by the Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM), founded in 1931.

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