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Summer 2003 diversions

7011-testi.JPG (100240 byte)

This summer had saw a great number of diversions in the tramway network, some of them still in progress (October 2003). These diversions were caused by a number road works, track repair job, point laying, giving the opportunity to tram fans to see and photograph unusual situations, like the Eurotram 7011 in service on route 7 ending in via Bignami instead of largo Mattei, on August 1st.

All the photos © Alessio Pedretti


The interruption in Corso Sempione

From May 5th to the end of the year corso Sempione is interested by major repaving works needing the interruption of the tram traffic between via Procaccini and piazza Sempione. The closure of this street brought to the diversion of route 1, 29 and 30 that now pass by via Domodossola – piazza VI Febbraio – via Monti.

4603-domodossola.JPG (129401 byte) A 29 limited run (piazza IV Novembre – Porta Genova, see below) in via Domodossola, operated by six-axle 4603.

Circonvallazione halved

From June 19th to September 15th the tracks in viale Vittorio Veneto were rebuilt, causing the diversion of routes 1, 9, 11, 29 and 30 and the institution of two provisorily bus services. Route 1 was diverted from piazza della Repubblica to piazza IV Novembre passing by via Monte Santo – via Galilei – via Filzi. Between piazza della Repubblica and Greco a bus service was instituted. Route 9 ran regurarly from Porta Genova railway station to viale Piave, then it turned in via Bixio and from piazza Maria Adelaide di Savoia followed route 5 to Ortica (via Milesi). Route 11 was diverted by via Monte Santo – via Galilei – via Filzi – via Vitruvio – via Settembrini – via Lazzaretto – viale Tunisia. Routes 29 and 30 operated from Porta Genova station to piazza IV Novembre via the western side of the loop line with red numberd: in fact they became an only route, with cars changing their route blinds from 29 to 30 in piazza IV Novembre, 30 to 29 at Porta Genova. Between piazza IV Novembre and piazza Tricolore a bus service was set up: this route was indicated in several ways: "9 – Collegamento", "29 – Collegamento" or "30 – Collegamento" (collegamento means link), without any difference between them!

1954-repubblica.JPG (115710 byte) Ventotto 1954 on route 1 to piazza IV Novembre is turning to the western end of piazza della Repubblica instead to go on the eastern end to Greco regular terminus.

4714 1883-milesi.JPG (99708 byte)

The provisorily terminus of route 9 in via Milesi (Oritca) with cars 4714 (route 9) and 1883 (route 5). In these days route 9 was operated by six-axle instead of Ventotto.
1899-vercelli.JPG (86313 byte) Ventotto 1899 coming from Deposito Baggio is running in corso Vercelli to take service on the halved route 29 on July 17th. Ventotto aren't usually used on the Circonvallazione. Behind the tram, the track works that interrupted route 24 (see below).
vittorio veneto da oberdan.JPG (138647 byte) The new westbound track in via Vittorio Veneto, waiting for the ballast.
2764-iv novembre.JPG (133448 byte) Two different route indications for the same service: Cityclass 2764 on a "30 – Collegamento" service in piazza IV Novembre...
2766-filzi.JPG (70352 byte) ... and Cityclass 2766 with the route blinds showing "9 – Collegamento" in via Filzi.

From September 15th to the end of the year track works in Circonvallazione continue in viale Piave and viale Premuda. Services 1 and 11 come back on their original routes. Loop routes remain halved (29 and 30 services). Route 9 runs normally from Porta Genova FS to piazza 5 Giornate, then it follows route 27 to viale Corsica reversing loop. Route 23 is diverted from piazza Maria Adelaide di Savoia to piazza IV Novembre passing by viale Regina Giovanna – via Settembrini – via Vitruvio, while the morning 23 service Lambrate FS – via Monte Velino is diverted to via Cantý reversing loop passing by viale Regina Giovanna – via Lazzaretto – piazza della Repubblica and then it follows route 2 to via Orefici. The bus service between piazza IV Novembre and piazza Tricolore is extended to piazza 5 Giornate.

No trams to Axum for four days

A minor interruption interested route 24 for only four days (July 9th, 10th, 16th and 17th) and for some hour (from 8:30 to 18:30) because track works in corso Vercelli. In these days the western terminus was set in piazzale Baracca; here cars prosecuted wothout passengers to the Deposito Ticinese to turn back, as other reversing loops were already occupied by other routes. A bus service was set up between piazzale Baracca and piazza Axum.

4930-baracca.JPG (127702 byte)

It isn't so easy to see a tram running on this branch of piazzale Baracca junction, as it's usually used only by touristic route 20 or some diverted cars, like 4930 on route 24.
4966-coni zugna.JPG (112224 byte) After having discharged passenger in piazzale Baracca, Jumbo 4966 is running out-of-service in viale Coni Zugna to Deposito Ticinese reversing loop.
vercelli-10-07-03.JPG (124621 byte) The track works in corso Vercelli.
2774-vercelli.JPG (112507 byte) Cityclass 2774 in service on the bus leg of route 24 in corso Vercelli, a street that normally doesn't see buses. All these photos taken on July 10th.

Diversions in Niguarda and Bicocca

From August 1st to August 31th the regular terminus of route 4 in front of Ospedale Maggiore was closed to permit the building of the points that vill link it with Metrotramvia Nord. Route 4 northern terminus was set in via Bignami, covering the old route 31 (piazza Castello – via Bignami) discontinued on September 7th 1981. In the first days of the same month the new Metrotramvia Nord was closed, too, because works in via Emanueli: route 7 operated from piazzale Lagosta to via Bignami, in substance it was become a short working service of regular route 11 and diverted route 4! On the uncovered sections of routes 4 and 7 a bus service was instituted.

ATM_4996_1862_viaBignami_010803.JPG (90514 byte)

The provisorily terminus in via Bignami for routes 4 (Ventotto 1862) and 7 (Jumbo 4996) on August 1st.

1794-testi.JPG (103340 byte)

Usually here at the crossing of viale Testi with viale Ca' Granda route 4 to Monte Velino doesn't run on the track like it's doing Ventotto 1794, but on the track in the foreground.

Route 27 cut-back

From August 17th to September 7th tramway service 27 ended in viale Corsica reversing loop to permit enlarging works of the railway overpass. During these days, route 27 resumed the same route that had had from January 3rd 1996 to June 11th 1999.

4932-corsica.JPG (105684 byte)

Jumbo 4932 pausing in viale Corsica reversing loop.
2622-corsica.JPG (108177 byte) Turbocity UR 480 2622 running on route "27 – Collegamento" (i.e. 27 – link) in viale Corsica. In the background the works to the overpass. Both images taken on September 6th.


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