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Photo album 2

Special units

The last special Ventotto is "Tramito" 1699, here taken in piazza Castello on October 7th 2001.

Two images of Ventotto 1503 in piazzale della Stazione di Porta Genova...
... and in Deposito Ticinese, March 26th 2000.
The Ventotto 1702 "Tram Bianco", Deposito Baggio, March 26th 2000.
Four photos of the unique Ventotto 1714 with a welded body, taken during a fan trip organized by Associazione Culturale Trasporti: viale Abruzzi...
... piazza Sempione ...
... Rozzano, terminus of Metrotramvia Sud...
... Quinto de' Stampi, between Rozzano and Gratosoglio. March 22nd 2003.
1723-beltrami-1.JPG (136833 byte) The green 1723 in service on the touristic route 20 in front of Castello Sforzesco. Photo © Alessio Pedretti.
From left the light and dark green Ventotto 1847, the second "Scuolaintram" 1957 and the two-axle 609 in Deposito Ticinese. March 26th 2000.
1847-castello.jpg (184011 byte) The other green Ventotto number 1847 resting at piazza Castello terminus of the touristic route 20. Photo © Alessio Pedretti.
A particular of the foot of the middle door of car 1908, ex 1502. The butt straps are placed differently from the other units, as this is one of the two prototypes built in 1927 together with the now scrapped 1501. Officine Generali Teodosio, March 22nd 2003.
The first "Scuolaintram", Ventotto 1927, at that time (March 22nd 2003) still used as a shunter in Deposito Leoncavallo and now set aside in Deposito Famagosta.
ATM_1966_DepositoMessina_081000_(2).jpg (82772 byte)  Ventotto 1966 with the trolley pole, now removed for no apparent reason. Deposito Messina October 8th 2000.


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