Welcome to ATR 72-500 SIM PROJECT Page !


If you have found this site then you are probably a flight simulation enthusiast or you are searching something about home cockpit building.

This site was born to present the developing of an home cockpit regarding one of the most famous regional  transport aircrafts:  the ATR 72-500.

I started this challenge around at 2006 when I was looking for something that permitted me to avoid using keyboard and mouse while simulating with FS2004.

I was flashed when I saw for the first time a replica of a Boeing 747's cockpit contained in a bedroom !!

That was the spark that lighted the "lamp" up and then I wanted to go deeper to better understand how that guy did what he did !

Since I like turboprops I chose this aircraft but the challenge was really tough.

There is nothing "ready-to-use" for it so I started to build everything by my own but unfortunately in 2009 I had to give this project up for personal reasons.

I decided to keep this website online as a kind of "memory" of my personal experience in cockpit building hoping that the contents can be useful for the other builders.


If you want to write to me, this is my address:

bob [dot] looker [at] cheapnet [dot] it


(replace [dot] with "." and [at] with "@").


Thank you,


Roberto G.




Due to a mistake I wrote a wrong part  of the email address on the bottom of this page.

The correct domain is:


[at] cheapnet [dot] it


I apologize with all the people who wrote and didn't get any reply (now the address is correct).











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