08/03/2009: new pic of the overhead from John Russell in                      the "Cockpits" section.


24/03/2008: added a link to the website (Cockpits section)                    of another ATR builder, Alexis Ramos.


01/11/2007: corrected a bug in the Oil/Fuel Panel and                            added reset function for the used fuel                              indicator (see manual included).


13/10/2007: new VOR/ADF v1.2 available in the Download                  section, ATRGC Server updated to support the                  new panel.


06/09/2007: new Oil/Fuel Panel v1.2 available in the                          Download section, ATRGC Server has been                      updated to connect the new panel.


30/08/2007: released new EHSI v1.2 with reworked                              textures, updated the Speedometer (added                        speedbugs), fixed bug that affected all of the                    instruments (all of them already available).


25/08/2007: corrected further bug in the Engine Panel                          (already available the correct version).


04/08/2007: corrected a bug in the Engine Panel v1.2 and                      drawn new instruments textures (already                          available in the Download section).


02/08/2007: Altimeter v1.2 available for downloading,                            removed versions v1.0 of Speedometer, Vario                      and Altimeter.


24/07/2007: new pic of the autopilot module from John                          Russell in the "Cockpits" section.


14/07/2007: Engine Panel and Variometer v1.2 available for                    downloading.


09/06/2007: Speedometer v1.2 available for downloading,                      includes new features (resizing and                                  repositioning).


30/04/2007: added "My Cockpit" section (under "Cockpits")                    where you can see the building (not complete                    yet) of the autopilot module with detailed                          explanation.


11/02/2007: added a new section "Cockpits" where you can                    see the cockpit reproductions of the other                        ATR fanatics.


29/01/2007: replaced incomplete EHSI ZIP file ("glaux.dll"                        missing): now it's complete.


28/01/2007: PFD and EHSI released, available in the                              Download section.


01/01/2007: ATR GC Server v1.0a update available in the                      Download section.