Interview by HERR MORBID

Hail !!! FURZE is for some people a new entry in the Black Metal field, but I know the band has existed since the first 90’s… You released several demos but your project has always been totally out of the classic norwegian BM scene… is It a choice or you simply haven’t received the right attention from fans and media before now?

Existing as FURZE since Autumn 1998. As WOE J. REAPER Spring ‘96/’98, as failures as CURSED, NATTEN & SORCERY Autumn ‘92/’96. Unstable line-ups + other things in general I won’t talk of now. The demos “Necromanzee” and “Zaredoo” came March and May ’98, then, as FURZE, “Trident Black Metal Feast” September ’99 and more or less a non-spreaded one-track demo entitled “Leizla” in February 2000. So, you see, the releases came rather lately. We concern with the present and future.

The first thing I noticed in your interesting concept is the quite strange monicker… Why did you choose FURZE? The “furze” term in english language is a kind of flower, but I think your interpretation is something really different… I read in other interviews about a process called “furzement”, would you like to explain in depth this very peculiar concept ?

“Furzement” for you is most interesting as FURZE records, I guess. It’s not a bound concept, except for the sweet torment that occurs to enfurze. Because… This plant may be my scythe, The Scythe. Furze means Gold(en) Thorn, hopefully quality then. - At least, auto evil pictures, thus total… Every letter and note is result of Direct Ray(zè)-impulse, with other words, a sharp constructive possession (furze) in a destructive orgasm. – This is Furzement.

Your musical style is quite particular, in fact in your music we can find some strong old-school Black Metal influences, but also Doom riffs and for instance I think several riffs in “Avail the autocrat of Evil” are clearly Black Sabbath-oriented and really “groovy”… I suppose you have a really various musical background (in the booklet you also thanx Prince for the “Purple Rain” album). Tell us also your fave bands ever.

Some things that inspired me probably are: Black Sabbath – the first 6 LP’s, Hellhammer, Thorns – new and old (!), Monumentum, Destruction, Morbid Angel – especially old, King Crimson – certain 70’s records/tracks, Possessed, Bathory – the first 6 LP’s, Slayer, Candlemass – first 2, Darkthrone – mostly Peaceville, Vulcano, Celtic Frost, The True Mayhem… I’m a necromaniacal Celtic Frost and Hellhammer collector, so anyone: . I need japanese “Into the Pandemonium” LP with booklet, “Apocalyptic Raids” split with Bathory LP (bootleg and I don’t know for sure what the Bathory side includes), “Satanic Rites” LP – not picture disc, but regular LP, said to be on brown vynil (?). If anyone know about/got the talked-about unreleased tracks from the recording-sessions of Hellhammer or Celtic Frost: I must know, thanx!!

FURZE is basically a one man band. I know you had some problems in the past with other members, so you decided to remain alone. Do you think the one-man band solution is comfortable and fits your technical and ideological needs ?

There are negatives and positives with both solo and band playing. I want control, and it has showed itself very hard to find members earlier. Except for the Furzement itself, I also play the guitar very different than others. So then the way of making riffs and the sound (due to my fingerbased technique) gets different.

Your lyrics are incredibly cryptic and unusual. Sorry for my ignorance, but I would like to know something more about the figures of “Zaredoo” and “Devacamo”, and in which way they influenced so deeply your lyrics and ideology. And who is in your vision the “Autocrat of Evil” ?

Zaredoo is my own word and it’s used as sort of “calculation” whenever used. Devacamo (is taken from the Rosenkreuzian literature) is that plain that someone spiritually or consciously exposes, but Devakasha is a sort of “beyond”. Then it’s the spark inspiration (furze) that is the thing catched within the writing/recording of “Devacamo Possessed Black”, so I never use any symbol literary or visually if it ain’t sparked the 1-2-3 way (furze). Nothing to say about Zaredoo today. I would like to say that the lyrics and music create something, those two factors, so please read while listening with Furze! It creates “the third” (furze) so it shouldn’t be necessary to tell of the vision you eventually could/would get. “Avail…” is a good example of that!

Usually the 90% of the Black Metal bands are involved into Satanic and demoniac creeds and indeologies. Reading your lyrics I haven’t clearly understood your position… Surely they are anti-christian lyrics, but do you follow some divinities and in which way do you do it?

I do it the way that I act when I’m inspired, it’s that. Murderlust or just out of nowhere (Zaredoo…?) a riff or a word. Woe J. Reaper’s position in Zaredoo bringing scythe closer. Sometimes I feel Satan’s Megalomania. It’s not important to me in which way has been symbolized this or that by others, it’s interesting sometimes, but not important. If it is very interesting (or irritating), I might get inspired, in the name of Satan or just reaping or any Zaredoo at all could be fermed.

Do you consider FURZE as a Black Metal band? I think this definition doesn’t fit completely with your music, in fact FURZE is really more than a classic True Black Metal band… What do you think about the new norwegian “scene”, with all those hystorical bands trying to do (in a very wrong way) something different from their past? Do you like electronic stuff into Black Metal ?

We label ourselves Black Metal. It’s not really important, but when the auto-evil pictures arrive, they arrive (often) with the words “Black Metal” in soul. That is OUR definition of what Furze is: Black Metal, just call it a natural stigma the fact that we write those words repeatedly on albumsleeves of Furze, which probably again inspire us. The old Norse scene ruled. New things I like are still many of the same: Carpathian Forest, Thorns, Darkthrone, Satyricon. Electronics can be used right or wrong. I think the 2 firstmentioned bands used them in a cool way for instance. The problem is that almost everything is without a dark soul these days. What is sounding like someone’s trying to express wrath, darkness or any other ingredient we want is instead empty nothingness of twisted emptiness or something in that vein… The coolest new band must be 1349 from Oslo! Just completely totally raw! Apocalyptic Raids from Brasil is also supreme. The day I want something different with Furze, I’ll follow it, and actually it happens with every new Furze-song: it’s something different from the last one I made.

Another unusual element in FURZE is the vocal approach, in fact you often change your way of singing including strange and bizarre litanies-like vocals. Why did you choose to use this original kind of singing?

I didn’t choose it, it just happened this way.

On your debut-7” there was a really mad song called “Fresh Tea!”, characterised by very strange music and lyrics. I often used the term “strange” in this interview, is it your intention to be “strange” ? Maybe I’m wrong, but (in particular on the old 7”) I often noticed a soft and evil irony behind the songs…

Sometimes this “mad/soft irony” can work very well for/in Furze. It’s the same to be said: Furze doesn’t try to make the atmosphere, the atmosphere myself and Furzement it shall be. By the way, I’m proud the way the 7” (“First feast for freedom”) came out; it includes all these 4 different recorded tracks (diff. sessions), but still keeping a certain unity.

Who is Woe J. Reaper in everyday life? Do you study or work? What are your main interests beside music? Do you consider yourself as a misanthropic person?

Well, as you know, every second someone dies, so even if we called it “gold-thorn” it’s merely a black humour indicating both the quality and quantity of the work of our scythe: it initially looks like gold, but, I admit, it’s mostly rust what you see. I mean, when someone handles one every second for so many years with the mankind going on… It does discolour a bit with all the litres of blood being penetrated by scythe, not to mention the crusted blood’s colour: it’s all about this quality-quantity that makes days and nights go on… You know, I’m not concerned about the fact that the scythe could be broken BEFORE man vanished from Earth! Now, that could be only result in a contemporary period of less penetration if they develop mass-DNA changes including the “eternal-life” or if they brew Heaven somehow on Earth… By the way, I live in small house with my equipment, broke, unemployed for Furze, but I need a work now.

I know that you’ll release 2 new albums soon, “Necromanzee Cogent” and “Baphomet Wade”. Would you like to talk about these new releases? I noticed a great improvement from the old 7” to the “Trident Autorcrat” MCD, so I think that if you’ll improve your style once more we must expect a real masterpiece of original but uncompromising Black Metal…

The first one is “Necromanzee Cogent” full-length. “Baphomet Wade” will be recorded (“N.C.” LP + “Zaredoo Knives” MLP are already recorded) under different circumstances than the Beoverlook Recordings as I have done ‘til now. The possessed evil in the 23 mins.-long track “Sathanas Megalomania” is mailed out in its unofficial mixed version as that was the only option, I’m alone, without work and I ain’t rich. We received a lot of pretty good reactions for our debut-album, but everyone wanted to hear more new stuff before signing; so if we got a cheap studio offer I went there with at least a bit more detailed sound in mind as far as the mix goes, but anyway it’s bearable. No real offers yet. “N.C.” as a whole should though be mailed out at once, but economy didn’t increase as time went by since recording (September 2000/early 2001) so I went for this, mailing out “the heart”, and half the album, “Sathanas Megalomania”. “N.C.” is definitely darker, and probably crazier to many ears. “N.C.” is Woe J. Reaper’s Necrosaint Black Metal progressoion! If it was just above your head with “Trident Autocrat”, the misty eyes seem to land just in front of your own ones to mesmerize you with “N.C.”…

Your music is quite innovative, on the contrary your image is classically Black Metal-oriented, with face-paint, blades, etc. This means that you like evolution but without losing the tradition…

I talked about the fact that we label FURZE as Black Metal earlier… Never trying to do anything: only doing the call. This is Furze’s Black Metal evolution.

What do you think about Death ? Do you hope in an Afterlife? Tell us your vision of a possible world beyond death…

This is the 13th question and the answer is: do you know my name??!

Ok, thanx for the interview, hope you like it and let us know your dark prophecy for this 2002…

Wait for “Necromanzee Cogent”. Thanx for support!