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Robbie Williams has attacked the media's campaign against fallen supermodel Kate Moss, insisting he has taken cocaine with journalists who are criticising her drug use. The British press has rounded on Moss since photographs of her appearing to snort cocaine appeared in the Daily Mirror newspaper last month (SEP05), causing her to lose several high profile modelling contracts.
And Williams is furious at the hypocrisy of the media. He says, "I think the media have got a lot to answer for. We're talking about a woman who has never harmed anyone or hurt anyone and has never pretended to be anyone she isn't. "Some people in various media groups who I have personally taken cocaine with are now talking about her and saying she shouldn't do it."
Williams adds, "It wouldn't have surprised me if she had tried to commit suicide the week that everything hit the papers.
"She is an absolute icon, she's beautiful. Every time I have met her she has been really lovely to me and I think people should just get off her f**king back.
"She's done nothing wrong. What she does in her private life should be her private life.
"I hope she does well, I believe she's in rehab at the moment and I wish her well. I have been to rehab, it's not fun, I hope she's OK in there and I hope she gets better."



Robbie Williams says it gives him 'Batman moments' when American girls don't know who he is. The singer told the Mirror: "It happened with this girl a few months ago. It was in America and not everyone there knows my face.
"The first time she came to my house, she was like 'Who are you?'
"I sat down and said: "I'm a singer" and put on the DVD of my Knebworth show, telling her: "Well, have a look at this".
"It blew her mind, it was brilliant. I was like Bruce Wayne when he says to his lady: "I'm Batman". "Then I said to her: "Now you know my secret, I must kill you"."



Starsailor have set the music world alight by revealing that they think Robbie Williams is quite cool.
Speaking as guests on today's TRL, the northern four-piece poured their hearts out about their recent time in Los Angeles with king of the entertainers Robbie Williams. "We like Robbie," said singer James Walsh, clearly emotional. "He's cool yeah."
And it didn't stop there. Hell bent on leaving controversy in their wake, Starsailor added the following: "Robbie's a top man. He's got his own football pitch."
By this point, it was clear to TRL host Dave Berry that he had a bunch of livewires on his hands, so understandably he deflected the subject from Robbie to football.
"We like football, yeah," said James. "I think Liverpool should have won last night." Shocking stuff.
Luckily, Starsailor are a lot better at playing music than they are at interviews. They played the show out with a top rendition of their new single 'In The Crossfire'.



Charismatic British singer Robbie Williams is so shy and fragile, he believes the confidence he exudes on stage could disappear at any moment.
The Millennium singer insists his huge popularity in the charts and with women hasn't boosted his confidence in the longterm.
He says, "I'm like a balloon. If you stick a pin in me I would just pop. "If I went out there and the audience didn't want me to have a good time and didn't like me I would crumble.
"All that amazing confidence you see when I get on stage would go in an instant."



Robbie Williams has a new song-writing partner - Little Britain's David Walliams. The Sun says Robbie and David have written a number of songs and some may appear on Robbie's next album.
In his early days, David appeared in a number of musicals with the National Youth Theatre where he met comedy partner Matt Lucas. The Sun's source said: "Robbie and David have been friends for a number of years and have started making music together.
"It began as nothing serious but it has turned out that they work well together. They make each other laugh, set each other off.
"From that, the songs have started flowing. Nothing official has happened yet but if the songs are good enough, Robbie has said he'll use them on the next album."



Pop star Robbie Williams sang before 2,000 fans at an "intimate" concert in central London on Saturday.
The 31-year-old spent 90 minutes on stage at the London Astoria, singing a selection of old tracks and new songs from his latest album, Intensive Care.
"I want to thank you for being part of this moment," he said after performing his biggest hit Angels. DJ Chris Evans, who attended the gig, described it as "awesome". "He is going to get bigger and bigger," he said.
"I know it sounds strange, but he's going to be massive," he continued. "He is learning his trade very well." Little Britain star David Walliams was also seen in
the audience. Dressed in blue jeans, black leather jacket and blue T-shirt, Williams opened the set with Ghosts, a track from his new album. More new songs followed, among them Sin Sin Sin, his latest single Tripping and the ballad Make Me Pure. The songs were warmly received but did not galvanise the crowd as much as more familiar numbers like Feel, Supreme and Millennium.
The concert was the second of three warm-ups gigs ahead of his album's official launch in Berlin next Sunday.
The first took place in Paris on Thursday, while the third will be held in Amsterdam on Wednesday. "After the large-scale production of Knebworth two
years ago it was an amazing experience to see Robbie in such an intimate venue," said the BBC's Liam Allen, who paid £275 for two tickets to the sold-out event.
"He seemed really relaxed and had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand with plenty of his trademark cheeky banter between songs. "The new material sounded very promising, and Tripping was received as if it was an old classic.
"But, as ever, Angels was the real showstopper."



Robbie Williams has written a song begging God for forgiveness for his drug and alcohol binges. The pop heartthrob, who recently claimed his wild days are behind him, begs to be forgiven for his past in new tune Make Me Pure. A source said: "Make Me Pure is a gospel-style dedication to God from someone who has sinned and wants to be saved.
"Robbie doesn't take drugs or drink now but he has lived wildly in the past. This song is his way of asking for forgiveness." The track - which reportedly sounds similar to his massive hit Angels - will be released on his upcoming album Intensive Care.


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