Chess-items from Italy of 1972


MAROSTICA 9-10.9.72  "13th Edition of the match with live chessmen"

in september 10th a special cancel was used also with a special WS for all the period

MA720910.jpg (31174 byte) MA72ws.jpg (44434 byte)

the organisation has issued a special card and an official special cover

MA72sk.jpg (43181 byte) MA72skb.jpg (30403 byte) MA72sb.jpg (36173 byte)

Imperia september 16th - 24th  1972  "XIV International chess Tournament"

a meter slogan was used for the period near the tournament

IM72ws.jpg (28872 byte) 
and the chess card overprinted for the event


Rovigo october 14th-15th 1972  "Italian team championship in rapid chess"

a special private cancel (unofficial) was used for the tournament

RO7210.jpg (33394 byte) RO72sk.jpg (46620 byte)

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