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Telling about twenty days through the road of Var, the french region including Provence and part of Cote d'Azur, where, believe it or not, somewhere the coast is so nice, still wild and free, difficult to forsee and making me wonder how.
Maybe because the sea is deep, as someone sings, or because water is from the great green river.

Thanks to some bakers, our trip lived great glorious and multivisional moments. The baker is a man opening his Hoven to bread and sweeties, and ham-egg pies, but even raspberry cakes, sweeties again.
Some bakers will be part of this story again, as they feeded and supported us.
The worst thing was hearing ALLEZ VIRENQUE from passing cars…
But as bakers often bake and burn wood in hovens made of bricks, here's the moment for our best travel companion, from Coconino up to Cannes, and farther on. Here we start!

But anyway the site is not that difficult to understand:
you have laps and one-day tours you can reach from here below, you have internationally speaking pictures, daily maps and geographical names. So, once again here we start!



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