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Pino's Bare Page

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Personal Information

Name: Pino Navato
Home Town: San Giorgio a Cremano, near Napoli (Naples), Italy
Main Interests: Computer programming (Java, Pascal, C, Assembly), technical writing (read my articles), digital photography, music, movies.
Other info: Ask!

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My Free Software

Note: I wrote the following programs when I was a student.  They are rather old (most of them are for DOS) but still interesting for some aspect.  However the main reason for which I keep them online is that they are important for me!
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My Favourite Freeware/Shareware

This is a list of third party programs I like very much.

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Contact Information

Pino Navato
Via Pittore, 164
80046  S. Giorgio a Cremano (NA)

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Real hackers comment their programs with plain ascii text files
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