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Create your own BGI fonts by converting existing ones!!

Easy Fonts is a program for creating new CHR fonts for the BGI (Borland Graphic Interface).  You need not to be an artist because Easy Fonts lets you convert existing fonts to the CHR format in a quick and easy way.
If you are writing a BGI-based program and you absolutely don't like the BGI fonts supplied by Borland, you have just found the solution of your problem!

Two different versions of Easy Fonts are available:

Both versions are very easy to use, especially the Windows one that, being fully automatic, requires just a few mouse clicks.

Both versions are contained in a small, quick-to-download archive.  You can get them from my web space: To purchase Easy Fonts e-mail me.

If you have any question, please, take a minute to read this FAQ before asking me.

Hundreds of new CHR fonts are waiting for you just round the corner.  Get them!

Visit my home page to view a complete list of my software (it includes some BGI-related freeware).