RUSSIAN NUMBERING SYSTEM electron Tube Data sheets

The regulation GOST 5461-59 applies to tubes manufactured from 1959 and semiconductors manufactured from 1959 to 1963. Every symbol consists of four elements. If an element is absent, a dash should be written at its place.
Note: There are exceptions. Not all Russian tubes are numbered according this system.

First element
Generator (transmitting) tubes up to 25 MHz
UKF generator (transmitting) tubes 25-600 MHz
Centimeter range generation (transmitting) tubes
Modulator tubes
High power rectifiers
Voltage stabilizers
Current stabilizers
Gas-discharge rectifiers
Mercury gas-discharge rectifiers
, Photocells and photomultipliers
Approximate (usually full volts) heater voltage Receiving tubes
Screen diameter in cm Picture tubes
Semiconductor diodes

Second element
Double diodes
Power pentodes and tetrodes
Remote cut-off pentodes
Sharp cut-off pentodes
Secondary emission pentodes
Mixing tubes with two signal grids
Pentodes with one or two diodes
Triodes with one or more diodes
Tuning indicators
Triodes with hexode, heptode or octode
Double triodes
Double tetrodes and pentodes
Triode - pentodes
Type sequence number Gas-discharge tubes, power rectifiers
Gas thyratrons
Mercury thyratrons
Cold cathode thyratrons
Oscillograph tubes with electrostatic deflection
Oscillograph tubes with electromagnetic deflection
TV picture tubes
Type sequence number Semiconductors

Third element
Receiving, picture, generator and modulator tubes
voltage and current stabilizers
photocells and photomultipliers
cold cathode thyratrons
Type sequence number
Semiconductors Subtype, group (letter)

Fourth element
none Metal Receiving tubes; voltage and current stabilizers
HF glass, side leads
Miniature glass 19 and 22.5 mm
Subminiature > 10 mm
Subminiature 10mm
Subminiature 4 mm
Subminiature 6 mm
Disc leads
Water cooled Generator (transmitting) and modulator tubes
Air cooled
letter Luminophor color code Picture tubes
X/Y X = average current in A
Y = reverse voltage amplitude in kV
Thyratrons (non cold cathode), Gas-discharge, power rectifiers

After symbol dash and postfix of one or more letters may be added:
high reliability tube (military)
long life tube (military)
designed for impulse operation
vibration resistant

Current Regulators
[A][V1-V2] [A] is the current (in amperes) and [V1-V2] is voltage range


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