NON-Invasive SOT2 Tweak on PCM1716-based DACs

Fig.1 PCM1716 Block Diagram



Fig.2 PCM1716 Pin-Out (Top View)

Fig.3 PCM 1716 Typical Connection


Fig.4 SOT2 Pin-Out (Bottom View)

Tweak Benefits:



Right Channel

 Left Channel


 pin #2 (+) and pin #4 (GND) for both SOT2s.



Pin #3 and #7 can be used for 1:2, 2:1 connections or for unbalanced to balanced conversion.   


Application on the Musical Fidelity X-RAY CD-Unit

Front view - Click for larger view


"The X-Ray is undoubtedly one of the most transparent players at its price....                                                                                                            

its greatest assets are its clarity and the way it lets the music flow....                                                                                                  

The only time CDs sound bad when played on the X-Ray is when they're badly recorded, and you can say fairer than that."
HI-FI WORLD July 1999.


    A further quantic leapfrog in the Sound improvement is obtained by substituting  the Five pole hybrid analogue filtering in output to the PCM1716 DAC Chip (devoted to the  removing  of  digital aliasing and breakthrough artefacts) with the SOT2 unit....

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Photo 3


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