LR (Inductor, Resistor) RIAA Module LR-01

Inductors/Resistor network used for High Quality, High Accuracy Phono Preamp designs in Vacuum Tube or Solid State Technology.Two LR-01 units are required for a stereo phono preamplifier. LR-01 contains an input driver able to make the unit insensitive to external driving impedance, a sink/source current combination for a perfect DC, low offset, high sound quality coupling and a cascade LR network. Unit requires two external, dual  power supplies, moderately stable. LR-01 cannot be used in SPLIT RIAA designs.

Fig. 1 Block Diagram of the PAEng LR-01 RIIA Module 


Input Impedance 2.14kWmin  @ 1kHz (-40C)
Output Impedance 16kWmax  @ 1kHz
BandWidth 29.8kHz

0.133dB (-40C)

0.115dB (30C)

0.092 (100C)

Power Consuption 467mW
Gain -20.4dB @ 1kHz
Input Voltage 5Vrmsmax
THD 0.1% MAX @ 100C
Output Voltage Offset 19mV typical

Fig.2 Simulated Response of LR-01 with Inverse RIAA network (Y-scale 0.2dB/DIV)


Fig 3 Mechanicals & Pinout (DRAFT)



Fig. 5 Target Application in Vacuum Tube Phonos

LR-01 & TLR  Modules are available under request.

Fig.6 Application Example

LR-01 Individual Data Sheet (Last Update 24th Nov 2002)