This section is an almost complete list with pix of old spare parts (NOT FOR SALE!).





SP-1001 Porche 934 wheel set  
SP-1002 Porche 934 sticker "A"  
SP-1003 Porche 934  sticker "B"  
SP-1004 Porche 934  sticker "C"  
SP-1006 Porche 934 /935 gerar case set  
5007 Porche   934/935 chassis set sp.7.jpg (88002 byte)
5008 Porche 934 /935 steering set  
5009 Rear shaft set sp.9.jpg (9753 byte)
SP-1010 Switch set  
5011 Differential gear set  
5012 Pinion gear set for RS-380  
SP-1013 Ni-Cd battery holder set   
5014 ABS bumper set  
5015 Fuse set  
SP-1016 Porche 935 decal  
SP-1017 Track set (17 links)  
SP-1018 Micro switch set  
SP-1019 Tyrrel P34 sticker  
SP-1020 Tyrrel P34 chassis set  
SP-1021 Tyrrel P34 steering set  
SP-1022 Tyrrel P34 gear case set  
5023 RS-540 Motor set  
SP-1024 Pinion gear set for RS-540 motor  
5025 Double faced adhesive tape set  
SP-1026 XR311 chassis set  
SP-1027 XR311 under-guard set  
SP-1028 XR311 parts bevel gear set  
SP-1029 XR311 parts "E"  
SP-1030 XR311 parts "G"  
SP-1031 XR311 parts "Z" figure  
SP-1032 XR311 parts "D" wheel  
SP-1033 XR311 gear set  
SP-1034 XR311 shaft set  
SP-1035 XR311 universal shaft  
5036 Ball bearing set(2 Pcs.)  
SP-1037 Porche   934/935 CATCH PIN SET  
5038 Tool set  
5039 Battery connector set(6v)  
SP-1040 Cheetah wheel set  
5054 Variable resistor speed control switch sp.54.jpg (14353 byte)
5055 Sponge tire set front "A" with wheel  
5056 Sponge tire set rear "A" with wheel  
5057 Sponge tire set rear "B" with wheel  
5058 Sponge tire set rear "C" with wheel  
5060 Cheetah spare tire set sp.60.jpg (58753 byte)
5061 Cheetah body parts set  
5062 Countach body parts set  
SP-1063  Countach wheel set  
5064 Countach sticker sp.64.jpg (73834 byte)
SP-1065 Countach/Porche 936 gear case set  
SP-1066 Countach/Porche 936 chassis set  
SP-1067 Countach/Porche 936 steering set  
5068 Ball link and adjuster rod set  
5069 Bushing set  
5072 Countach/Porsche 936 gear case set sp.72.jpg (70532 byte)
5073 Ball bearing set (4 Pcs.)  


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I really want to thanks all the friends all around the world who have sent to me pix from their own private spare parts collection for displaying them in this section !