A little place to remember the 80's  special racing buggies by Tamiya!!!

Once upon a time ......there  were some buggies running wild on any kind of surfaces........it has been  20 years past...but they're still alive!!!!

Hi  there! I'm Andrea and my nickname is Orcasaveplanet!

I was born in 1970 and   when I was 8 at Christmas I found under the tree my first r/c car : it was a Ferrari 512bb by Ree-el!. After this I was given other r/c cars and when i was 11 my grandfather gave me a nice jeep renegade with gears by Mattel: I was getting more and more fond of R/C's world!!! . My  first Tamiya was a brand new  Sand rover  when I was 12...in 1982( I bought it with money that my grandfather used to give me every week!!!:thanks grandfa!)I also have to thank my father  who bought the radio, battery and battery charger!Two years later(1984) I bought a Frog !!!. Now I have twenty Tamiya's Buggies!!! (...and eleven of them are Sand scorcher..wow...I love them : they are my favourite!).

 This little pretty site is just to remember the glory of the past!I hope to give to everyone who loves old Tamiya racing buggies something special to find out the ancient pleasure!!! I also have to thank  "Tamiya " for creating them and my old friend Filippo who introduced me this marvellous world!!!
Enjoy yourself!!!




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This site was born on April 2001