A Comenius Project

This website was created by the students of our school during a Comenius Project.

Comenius School Projects promote transnational co-operation between schools. They give pupils and teachers from at least three participating countries an opportunity to work together on one or more topics of mutual interest. This co-operation enables participants to exchange experiences, explore different aspects of European cultural, social and economic diversity, increase their general knowledge and learn to understand and appreciate each otherís views. Every year we work on a different topic. This year's topic is THE FUTURE.

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About us

Meet the students involved in this project

Our school

Take a virtual tour of our school and imagine what schools will be like in the future

Our world

Learn about our town, our favourite food, our hobbies... today and in year 5347


Which are the main problems concerning today's world?


What will our future be like? Read about our dreams and fears.


Simple things you can do to make the world a better place to live in

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European partners involved:

Italy Germany  Cyprus  Denmark 

Italy: Scuola Media Don Gaudiano  8 Piazza del Monte 61100 Pesaro 

Tutor: Mr Mauro Scardacchi


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