Only the citizens of Ivrea could sell spices, and foreigners were admitted only in the fairs where they could take their spices.

Spice sellers that lived in Ivrea should not give anyone laxative medicines if not told by the doctor. They had to check that the medicines were composed according to the prescription, they must not sell poisons and toxic substances to suspect people, but neither to unknown people if the quantity of the poisonous substance was not written in the doctor's books.

In 1433 the Statutes issued another disposition regarding the sale of comfits: these must be completely produced either with refined sugar or coarse sugar, to avoid frauds, because coarse sugar was cheaper and often comfits were only covered by the refined type.

The Statutes stated also that wrapping the various goods in used paper was forbidden, especially when the paper had been used by notary publics or judges in the trials.