AmedeoVII, nicknamed the Red Count for the clothes given him by his cousin Charles VI of France during the military campaign against the English, succeeds in the leadership of Savoy’s country, to Amedeo VI, dead on 1 March 1383.

For a testamentary wish of his father, Amedeo governed the State of Savoy helped by his mother Bona of Bourbon. The Red count is obliged to convey his interest on Ivrea, when a popular Amedeo reacts in July 1387 he makes a treaty with the “Tuchini” of  the areas called "Pedemontana" which accept his protection, while others, helped by rebellious feudatories, continue the revolt. The Red Count comes back to Ivrea in 1390, he stops at his castle, by then almost completed, where on the 5th September he organised a great ball for his loyal feudatories, inhabitants of the Canavese.

His firm intention is to consolidate the Savoy’s dominion on the Canavese lands and put an end to the Tuchini’s rebellions. In May 1391 the Red Count comes back to Ivrea: at first he persecutes the Counts of Masino, the rioters’ accomplices, making them prisoners in the castle of Rivoli, and after he obtains an agreement with the nobles and the chiefs of the Tuchini, assembled in the house of Boniface of Stria, his loyal friend. After this convention, Amadeus is again the uncontested master of the valleys of the Canavese.

A few months later he returned to the  Savoy state, Amadeo VII dies, at the age of 31. A conspiracy warped by his wife makes his mother Bona of Bourbon to be sent away, with the accusation of having poisoned her son; besides the pharmacist suspected to have provided the poison was quartered and his body sent to the principal cities of Savoy State among which Ivrea. The death of Amedeo VII was instead probably due to a titanic infection, after a wound he procured himself, falling off a horse.