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List of main Activities and Contents created by Matthew and Giovanna.
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Dossier/ phamplets in pdf - American Language
Anyone who really wants to understand the  Italian situation must read these three documents:
1."The Ghost", EN,2020,116 pages.  About the invisible power in Italy.
2."Arbre Du Mal",EN,2011, 33 pages.  About Italian mafia and its religion.
3."The Erinni Case", EN,2014, 49 pages. Humanitarian heritage suppressed.

In Italian Language
4."The Blackcat: mafia e fascismo nascosti dentro la massoneria deviata".
IT,2010, 209 pages,Fascism and Mafia covered by illegal Masonic lodges.
6."Arbre Du Mal versione italiana". IT,2019, 33 pages. About Italian mafia and its religion.
7."Mobo-Social Mobbing". IT, 33 pages. Social mobbing against  Matteo and Giovanna: The theory and the facts.
8."Sopravvissuti". IT, 2018, 137 pages.  Matteo and Giovanna story.
9."Autodifesa 07". IT, 2008, 161 pages. Some pages extracted from  2008 "Autodifesa-selfdefense" website.

All documents are also shared at Box folder. Click here.
+Web Sites

    Italian situation-Ghostfiles /SelfDefense
[1]-The Ghost: about Italian situation,  2020

    Autodifesa-SelfDefense: ASD
[1]-ASD on Altervista servers, it/en, latest version  2005-2020
[2]-ASD on Digilander Libero servers, it/en, first server hosting "autodifesa" since 2005 - version  2005-2014
[3]-ASD on Digilander version ,it/en, 2005-2008

    The Unico
About birthplace, Fascismo Universale and international intrigues.
(Nazism, mafia, masonry, military forces...)
http://supper.altervista.org/unico.htm ,english
https://digilander.libero.it/autodifesa/unico.htm , english

    Stolen Rights
It's a "subset" of Autodifesa-SelfDefense. Only in american language, it is focused to persecution.
http://stolenrights.altervista.org/, english

    The Erinni Case
The essay concerns about very important historical and religious aspects, a really true great humanitarian heritage suppressed to public domain.
Historical valorization of places is in conflict with exploitation of  local quarries, with one of the majors antennas site in Italy and with exploitation of saint relics.
http://erinnicase.altervista.org/ , english
https://digilander.libero.it/erinnicase/ , english

Middle Ages. The story of the three blessed Beatrice d'Este. Euganea hills (Padua).
http://tribute.altervista.org/ , it,2005 (written with the nickname of Pulciko)
https://digilander.libero.it/memorie/ ,it,2005 (written with the nickname of Pulciko)

    Matthew short videos introducing basic aspects
A17BoxLine - "Who am I for you", introducing myself and my story.
A17BoxLine - "The reason of a Self Defense website".Why I created SelfDefense in 2005.
A17BoxLine -  "The Self defense PC". The Notebook inside my Backpack between 2005 and 2014.
A17BoxLine -  "Censorship on search Engines". censorship about my SelfDefense website in 2005-2006.
A17BoxLine -  "Introducing the Self defense website". An overview of SelfDefense website.

    Matthew's old  videos remasterized
drawings by Matthew
"No Justice in Italy", the first Matthew's video-appeal in 2007.
"The Beatrix affaire", a 2007 video.

    Matthew's old videos uploaded into other accounts
The Matthewnews series, 2007
"No Justice in Italy", the first Matthew's video-appeal in 2007.
"The Clodio crimes -part I", About Crimes inside Rome Court
"The Clodio crimes -part II".
"Clodio Crimes -proofs ". A audio evidence.
"Clodio Crimes -vip proof". An evidence.
"What does Italian Government do?". Some registered letters to Italian President Mr. Ciampi.
"The Beatrix Affaire". About the power.
"Censorship in Italy". About Censorship in Italy
"The Unico ". The first version of Birthplace episode of Unico series.

The Unico series, 2007-2010
-"Birthplace", Venetian region and its intrigues.
-"The Role of Anglo-Americans ". Pentagon and NATO aspects in Italy.
-"Banks attacks". Banks system.
-"The Role of Venice" , Venice is the mother of universal fascism and...
-"Filtering". About censorship into search engines.
-"Rosa dei venti" . The "Point of compass attempt"
-"Borghese Golpe". The Borghese coup attempt.
-"Doors". innermost doors of power.

Perugia Lacks series, 2011
About Perugia miscarriages of justice regarding the MG case.
"Perugia Lacks, part I", en ,2011
"Perugia Lacks part II",en , 2011

+Facebook pages and profiles
Matthew Facebook profile, it/en.
Matthew Facebook page, it/en. The page report only most important posts.
"Far conoscere Autodifesa" page. Support Italian Autodifesa-SelfDefense website
"A17Box" page. Support A17Box and American Autodifesa-Selfdefense website
"Arbre du Mal" page. Support "Arbre du Mal" dossier related to mafia.
"Stolen rights" page. Support "Stolen Rights" website.

All listed material has been created by Matthew and Giovanna since 2004.
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