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Paintings displayed in the galleries are not for sale, they are only representative.

In any event, if you are interested in buying a new original painting, it is possible to order one,  click here for additional information.

Each thumbnail in this gallery is linked to a much larger composite image of the print. Simply click on the desired picture to view the composite.


Anew age.jpg (191516 byte)                       A New Age, 1995  - Acrylic on paper 35X50 

Discovery_.jpg (179980 byte)                            Lorely, 1999 - Acrylic on paper 35X50 

Lord ofThunder.jpg (222341 byte)                     Lord of Thunder, 1996 - Acrylic on paper 35X50 

Silver Warrior.jpg (178419 byte)        Silver warrior, 1995 - Acrylic on paper 35X50 

The fighting fly.jpg (237335 byte)         Fighting fly, 1997 - Acrylic on paper 35X50 




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Their use in any form without prior written permission from Marco Quaresima is strictly forbidden.
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