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Born in Rome, Italy in 1969, Marco Quaresima is an artist  who has taken a slightly different route compared to that normally taken by most of artists.

In fact he has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Roma “La Sapienza" , and he did not start his professional career as an illustrator, but as a planner, working as an illustrator only as a hobby in his  free time.

His artistic genre is indisputably directed towards fantasy and science fiction illustrations. In these paintings bodies are represented sculpturally and are often captured at the moment of “massimo sforzo” and consequently characterized by extreme dynamism and drama.

“If we film a human body in slow motion,” says Marco Quaresima “at the moment that it makes a very intense action or when his state of mind is troubled or angry, looking at the sequence of the images we can see that, at the moment of the maximum strain, it seems to be greatly modified in proportion and deformed in aspect.
I think that this is the exact moment that we should try  to capture in order to obtain a true effect of dynamism or drama.
The world of movement and emotions is inevitably connected to irregularity and asymmetry, on the contrary regularity and symmetry give us a feeling of immobility and alienation”.

Therefore, he undoubtedly comes from the school of great artists such as  John Buscema, Burn Hogart, Frank Frazetta and Chris Foss, artists that he has also adopted as his models of inspiration.

At present, he is concentrating all his efforts on achieving greater notoriety in the area of  fantastic illustration worldwide.


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