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Undeniable Proof that Paul McCartney was replaced with a Look-Alike: 
Part 3 of Facial Comparison: The Smoking Gun. 
      Here finally is the definitive proof that the man you saw on the first page and the man you saw on the second cannot possibly be the same person. (THIS PAGE WILL PROBABLY TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO LOAD, SO HANG IN THERE!) We've already seen how stunningly accurate a photographic facial comparison is; a persons core features: distance between the ears, chin line, nose length and shape and outline of the skull do not change by any significant degree from the mid-twenties until the day of one's death; any first year biology student can tell you this.
     Baring this in mind, let us take the last official photo of Paul McCartney from early 1966, and compare it with the first official photos of him from early 1967. With only nine months between them these pictures should be a perfect spot-on match.  
     Quickly, before we compare the pre and post 1966 pictures, let's review the previous comparisons and re-establish just how perfectly these photos SHOULD match, considering that they are looking straight into the camera in both of them:  

      (With the Beatles-1963+Yesterday and Today-66)         (Sgt. Pepper + Spies Like Us) 

     Now here we go, watch the ears, nose and chin closely closely: 

     Are you as shocked as I was? Both pictures are straight down the middle; we have equalized the distance between the eyes, and you have already seen that this comparison should be an almost perfectly clean crossfade. But instead, the nose changes in length and width, the chin changes dramatically from an almost perfectly symmetrical one with a cleft straight down the middle, to a very uneven, crooked, and pointy chin with the cleft offset to the left (his right).  The second man's head is taller and thinner that the first. The first man has a very wide, round face, the second has a tall thin face. 
     Observe the "Sgt. Pepper to Spies Like Us" comparison above; clearly miron change in angle should NOT have this dramatic effect on the photos. 
      As you will see in the "Actual Head Size" section, the first man's head clearly does not looks right on the second man's shoulders. Pauls's head was much smaller and rounder overall, with a much shorter and straighter chin, and more delicate, childlike features.

     These chnages cannot be the result of a change in angle, or of lens distortion. We have already checked these photos against numerous others which are from different distances from the lens and different areas of the lens, so any significant lens distortion should have shown up in the previous comparisons. All the other comparisons up until this point have been absolutely conclusive spot-on matches, even when taken from very different angles judged by the height of the ears.  
     Here is what has to be the result of comparing two genuine vintage photos of the same subject (James Paul McCartney)


These comparisons are conclusive evidence, but if we are to be thorough, we must explore all the other areas of physical evidence.

    Before we move on, let's look quickly at some more pictures of pre-67 Paul (on the left) and post-67 "Paul" (on the right):

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