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Undeniable Proof that Paul McCartney was replaced with a Look-Alike: 
Part 2 of Facial Comparison: Sgt. Pepper. 
     Here we will compare photos that are supposedly of Paul McCartney taken after 1966. It is my assertion that this is not the same man from the last page, but let's just look and see. We'll take two photos from after the time Paul supposedly dissapeared and compare them to confirm that the face of this man also perfectly matches his other photos. First we will compare the Sgt. Pepper's photos with the cover photo from the 45 rpm "Spies Like Us" (November 1985). 

     Again we see the perfect match (although there are some minor cosmetic differences which will be explained further on). The second photo has his face tilting turned slightly on his right (our left), and the mouth moves down, and yet even in spite this obvious change in angle, the faces are still a perfect and conclusive match. All of the core features fall right on top of eachother and there is no uncomfortable movement whatsoever in the fade between.
     We these previous comparisons, and with the tow on the next page, we have established a relatively wide margin of error wherein, despite any minor changes in angle, the faces should still crossfade with no noticeable differences.   

     Now here we begin to get into real conspiracy territory. The picture below is a small photo found in the corner of the White Album poster, and also on the second to last page of the cd booklet.   

     The rumors go that this is a photo of Paul's supposed double soon after he underwent plastic surgery and shortly before appearing on the scene in late December of 1966. The man's name is supposed to be Billy Shepherd ex leader of the "Pepperpots" ("Billy Pepper and the Pepperpots" Band). So logically, if the rumors are correct, and this really is the face of a look-alike, it will be conclusive match for the face of the supposed lookalike from 1967's "Sgt. Pepper".
     Let us first compare these two faces to see if they match, and then we will get to the smoking gun of whether pre-67 Paul is or is not a match with post-67 paul.

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