Just a low profile HF contester

About me

I was born in September 1991. Since I was young I was much interested in Ham Radio and, on February 2008, at 16 years old, I got my Italian ham radio license and I've been assigned the callsign: IZ3NVR. I immediately developed an interest on CW that is currently my favourite mode. Time to time I train with MorseRunner, QRQ and CWFreak to improve my speed and copying skills. In November 2011 I got my US General license too with the call: KD2BGM and I hope to upgrade soon to Extra class.


My main interest in the hobby are HF contests and low power communications as well as homebrewing simple equipment. I am much interested in QRP contesting where I can run SO2R (Single Operator 2 Radios) without bothering too much to apply band pass filters to prevent RF issues at the second receiver. I initially played SO2R in 2010 in IOTA contest and really loved it. Since that moment I use very often such a technique to maximize my scores. I achieved some very nice contesting results, from the fine placements nationally to the world top scores in some lucky weekend.  Every time there's a big contest going on I try to be active, either competitively if I have time or just to give out some points if I am not able to pull in a full time serious effort.


QRP gives lots of satisfaction, especially in the world top contests when it is easier to work some very rare DXCC entity. I received the QRP DXCC Award in April 2012 and my count is always growing also thanks to lots of entries in the QRP categories during contests. I like to say that I am "Whispering in the crowd" during such events . Even if I enjoy using few watts to accomplish my results that doesn't mean I never uses more power. I think that being open-minded (from qrp to qro) is a great thing and no-one should simply focus on only one aspect of the hobby. Lately I am deeply involved in QRP and QRPp operations and homebrewing. I run a part-time online QRSS Grabber on 30m that runs under Linux and the receiver is a nice direct conversion RX kindly sent me by Tomas, OK4BX and his dad, OK2BX. Moreover I developed a minimalist transmitter that sometimes is active transmitting in QRSS 3 on 40m.

Check out my QRSS Part-time grabber at : www.qsl.net/iz3nvr