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Hi! My name
My name is Ciro Piscopo, graduated in electrical engineering, currently working in the field of production and maintenance of machines for entertainment.
Passionate always to the various computer applications and the new frontiers of the Internet, I have experienced times of the legendary Commodore 64, and I had a brief experience with Mac and Unix. Come to the PC, I knew the different operating systems from Dos to a black screen with blinking cursor to the colorful graphics interface of Windows.
I used the computer in general for many purposes, however, I have specialized in bitmap and vector graphics programs to reach before becoming a hobby webdesigner, webmaster and an expert in search engine rankings.
In the portfolio section you can see and hopefully appreciate, some web sites created and managed by me. To get advice or suggestions, you can write.
Happy surfing to all.


Ciro PIscopo ordine degli ingegneri della provincia di Napoli sezione A
    Settori: civile e ambientale, industriale, dell' informazione  N di iscrizione all'albo:14855