Here there are some images of the program running (click on an image to enlarge it).

This is the display (v. 0.05beta1) when there is no input from the soudcard, or the frequency recorded is lower than 40 Hz ( this limit is imposed for the reduction of false readings and will be reduced in the next stable version ).

This image shows the display (v.0.05beta1) when is played an A higher than the right frequency. For to some problems with armonic detection when strings are picked for a brief period may be displayed a note far from the one wanted: this should last at most an half second.

This is the display (v. 0.02) when an E is picked. On version 0.02 you can see the six buttons on the lower part of the window: when they are pressed the corresponding tone is generated. This tone generation interface has been removed in version 0.05 and on version 0.05beta1 you can use this window:

The six buttons still correspond to the six strings, but you can choose the preset to use for their frequency.

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