GuiTuner is a simple guitar tuning program for Linux.

GuiTuner tries to detect the pitch of the sound recorded in real time from the audio device using some methods ( by now only based on FFT ) that you can configure at runtime. It is self-explanatory, you just have to connect your guitar or your microphone to the sound card, configure the input device using a mixer and see what the program tells you: it displays the note nearest to the picked sound and the interval between it and the note produced by the instrument. If the sound produced is lower than the right one the left arrow becomes green, if is higher becomes green the right arrow. From version 0.05beta1 is available a simple tone generation section, that uses presets.

There are a "stable" and an "unstable" version, both may not work properly, but the "stable" one has been tested for a year, so its problems are more or less known. Download the unstable version only if you want to test it and help with its development, reporting bugs and problems.

The Author

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