Climbing toward the Dordona pass, on the other side you can see the P.sso della Croce m. 1953 that join Foppolo with the Val Carisole

... here we are on the Passo Dordona m. 2061

The Val Madre on the Sondrio side

Our tandem on the Dordona Pass

... for whom the bell tolls?


DORDONA PASS (and refuge)

District of Bergamo / Sondrio
Mountain Range:
Orobie Alps
Point of Departure:


Bergamo, Brembana Valley to Foppolo, when you have exceeded the Foppolo village, looking for a parking

Km 8 round trip from the pass or km 17 if you reach the Dordona refuge
450 MD round trip from the pass or 700 if you reach the Dordona refuge
Cycle %:
Max Altitude :
2061 to the Dordona Pass
Time for the run:
 from 1,5 to 3 hours according to go and come from the pass or the refuge
Kompass n° 104



The meaning of this route, that goes beyond the Orobie Alps is the more economic energetical solution to cross this new pass , which is little better than a mule-track, and that was opened to traffic with a dirt road only in September 2003, is that to discover and to take some photos (I still hope for a long time) to the beauty of these wild places. Certainly, in large you might think to get down in Fusine then go up by P. sso S. Marco and so closing a four stars tour, perhaps doing it on the contrary because the climb from the Val Madre is a nice challenge because of the gradient.
About our itinerary, we leave the parking and, followig the signs, we go toward the Hotel des Alpes. Over the hotel, we continue over a bar on a dirt road that, in about 3, 5 Km of good climb, let us to reach, opening up the view on Foppolo, the Passo della Croce and the Montebello, the Dordona Pass.
Now we are in peak at 2061 meters on the border with the province of Sondrio.The panorama is great either on the Bernina mountains Group that stands out in front of us, or towards the Bergamo earth that we have just passed.
We could stop here, but we have made only 4 km, so, after taking some photos, we decide to go up to the Dordona refuge that we see small on the orographic left coast of the Val Madre that opens wild before us.
R eached the refuge, the time to refresh ourselves and walk up the pass together with a group of bikers from Fusine that greet on top of the Dordona. Satisfied of our trip we go back to the parking in Foppolo.

The passo Dordona with the Montebello on background
The latest ramps of the Dordona from the Bergamo side
The Passo Dordona photographed from the homonymous refuge
The Dordona refuge at 1900 meters
The latest  insidiouses ramps of the Valtellina side of Dordona below the refuge

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