- The Itinerary -
- The most popular path in the world that runs along the Danube every year attracts thousands of cyclists from all over the place. Through cultural centers, green valleys and unique landscapes, you ride miles on the paved strip along a river at times as wide as a lake. Here is our new adventure in tandem between the slow flow of water, the rustle of the wind and several times interrupted by the motor of any boat, and many, many fans of two wheels, map in hand, they live their day to day holiday. Starting from Passau in Germany, to Vienna in six stages with a total of 401 km and 2450 md
- Travel Logistics -
- How to arrive in Passau -

- Going to Passau from Italy, for us and ours tandem the best way was by car. For a single bike could possibly be the train, unfortunately, unlike the German and Austrian railways, a tandem of length m. 2.2 for Italian trains is a problem.
The traffic from of August, the journey was then in fact lengthened the time from the esteemed seven hours and a half to the actual 11, includung stops.

- Organization and Booking -
- For both the track of our steps, both the choice and booking hotels, insurance, parking the car in Passau and return by train from Vienna, we have relied on the agency of Vicenza
Girolibero Italian leader for bicycle trips with his experience and availability has done an excellent job for us.


- Sunday, August 7, 2011 - 1st Stage:
Passau - Schlogen

Weather: Cloudy and rain in the afternoon
- Departure at 9.00 am and, after a visit to the Passau old town, we take the right path on the road parallel to the Danube. Drive through the hamlet of Kasten with its quaint church we reach the dam of Engelhartszell where a series of locks allows boats to overcome a height difference of m 52. We continue to the right bank and reach downtown. By ferry (cost € 2.00 / person) we reach the left side. Going on for other 14 km we reach Au. A new ferry us back on the right bank of Schlogen. It starts to rain, so,under a tree, we eat our meal and then reach the charming Freizeitanlage that offer us a great stay in a familiar and welcoming hotel.

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- Monday, August 8, 2011 - 2nd Stage:
Schlogen - Linz
Weather: Rain
- Departure 10.00 am under a rain that will accompany us throughout the day. Going on the right side along the shore in a dense forest. After 5 km, passing the pretty village of Inzell. Carry undergrowth between the bends of the Danube up to Aschach. A ray of sunshine just to take some pictures. We leave in an open landscape between meadows and the river and reach Wilhering, even in the rain, where a ferry operated by current of the river (cost € 2.7 / person) tranships us on the bank in the country of Ottensheim. A dozen km parallel to the freeway and will arrive at the Hotel Ibis in Linz

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- Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 3rd Stage:
Linz - Grein (the great step of Mauthausen)
Weather: cloudy windy morning, thunderstorms in the evening
- 08.15 am Departure from the hotel and Linz sightseeing. After crossing the bridge of the Nibelungs, we take the cycle path on the left bank of the river. After 18 km we turn left following the signs to Mauthausen. Once in town, with a rise of 1.8 km with ramps to 14%, we reach the hill and visit the ex concentration camp. Back in the village, the path leads us to the ferry to Enns. Now we are on the right side, but we have to cross the Enns River which flows into the Danube a little further, so we have to go back to Linz for about 4 km and reach the outskirts of Enns left to take the bridge over the river itself. After crossing the bridge, immediately to the left, we find that through Pyburg Radweg 1, Albing and St. Pantaleon, we take up the right bank of the Danube in Wallsee. Then the cycle path back inside until Ardagger. Now the green arrows bring us on the river and about 2 km before Grein, a bridge with a through path allows us to reach the left shore and before the bridge on the outskirts of Grein, at left, a road climbs up to Herdmann hill. So we reach the Binderalm Pension, a beautiful farmhouse in the green hills.


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- Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - 4th Stage:
Grein - Artstetten
Weather: Partly cloudy with winds
- Departure at 9.30. Go down to Grein and turn right following the road, back up to the bridge crossing yesterday that we overcome in order to continue our trip on the right bank of the river. We follow the Radweg 1 to Ybbs in a stretch where the Danube is tight and swirling. At Ybbs bridge, we return on the left bank in the pretty village of Persenbeug. We passe also Granz and Marbach and about one km from Klein Pochlarn, we carry the path on the road parallel and then, we turn left uphill and in 3 km we arrive to Shlossgasthof Artstetten, situated below the castle of Landstetter.


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- Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 5th Stage:
Artstetten - Traismauer
Weather: Sunny and warm
- We start at 9.00 down to Pochlarn Klein and resumes of the river path on the left. After about 10 km, on the other side you see the town of Melk with its famous Benedictine abbey. We pass Emmersdorf, Aggsbach and enter the region of Wachau, which is typical for its wine. Also on the left, through the vineyards we pass Spitz, St. Michael, and Weissenkirchen Durnstein. We lunch in Stein, near the Danube and tour the city of Krems, with its churches and its parks. Let's now on the right bank of the last bridge of Krems, following the path along the river after 14 km we turn right to reach, always on path, the town of Traismauer and the hotel Zum Schuan


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- Friday, August 12, 2011 - the sixth and final stage:
Traismauer - Vienna
Weather: sunny and warm humid
- Departure at 9.00. We take back the path and returns on the bank of the right Donauradweg. After 3 km past the mouth of the river Traisen, on the right we reach the ruins of the nuclear Zwentendorf. Now the path moves away from the river and its channels and, past Pischelsdorf and Langenschonbichl, returns to the Danube at Tulln, the famous city of flowers. After about ten kilometers we stopped to eat at a lake created by a bend in the river. We reach Greifenstein. Another 10 km and here we are in Klosteneuburge and after 3 we see the sign of Vienna. It takes another 20 km into the city to reach the Gartenhotel Altmandorf located at the south of the city.

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- 13/14/15/16 august 2011 -
Extras program: Visit Vienna and return by train to Passau
Weather: morning storms on 13 and 15 sun and scorching heat on the other days
- From Altmandorf we move to NE in city traffic and in 3 km we reach and visit the royal residence and the degree of the park of Schonbrunn. We proceed now to NO, crossing the Have Welsbach Park, we overcome the West Bahnhof and reach the center. We also visit the Belvedere Park, the Basilica of S. Carlo Borromeo and the Cathedral of St. Stephen before returning to Altmandorf .
14/8 - From Altmandorf we are aiming towards the West Bahnhof booking for a train tandem ticket. Back to the center to visit Therese Platz, The Royal Palaces, The Town Hall, the Parliament, and finally the Prater
15/8 - From Altmandorf aim towards the center. A few photos of the Gardens ofFlowers and then off to the Prater to spend the rest of the day. Towards evening we return to the hotel just in time to avoid the storm
16/8 - From the West Bahnhof we take the train to Passau where we depart by car for the trip back to Italy

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