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Welcome to the "site" of gavi international. These few pages  will give you some information about the small city of Gavi, how to arrive here and why do come here. This is not a real commercial "Site", but has to be imagined as a good friend from Italy, living in Gavi that will help you whenever you decide to come as visitor or for business.

Gavi is located in the north-west of Italy, in Piedmont, inside the triangle of Genoa-Turin-Milan;  50 Km. north of Genoa,  90 Km. south-south-east of Turin and 90 Km south of Milan, 6 Km from the motorway exits of Serravalle Scrivia and Vignole Borbera-Arquata Scrivia of the A7 Milan-Genoa motorway. Gavi is always been appreciated for its beautiful landscape, the monuments, the history, the  famous white wine "Gavi di Gavi D.O.C.G." and "Cortese di Gavi".
Gavi for more than a century has gradually asserted itself in the realm of wine-grapes, wine producer and a lot more, thanks to its geographic setting among the hills, influenced by the Liguria sea, the right climate, and its people with their tenacity and sacrifice, that play their role in the making of the vineyards of Gavi.  

This town in the Lemme valley (Lemme is the river that cross Gavi and its valley), has always amazed tourists coming from Liguria, Piedmont and Lombardy who appreciate its salubrious climate and its local traditional cuisine that make use of the gifts of nature like mushrooms and truffles. But in the last years the tourism in Gavi, thanks to the renowned wine Cortese, has risen. People are coming from most parts of the world. At the beginning maybe only for business or by chance, but then, after they have discovered the place they return for pleasure.
Border country, of transit roads and commercial routes whose origins are lost in time, the Lemme valley and the whole area around Gavi is embroidered with castles. One could say that every town, every village has some fortified remains which where not only for defensive purposes, but a means of controlling roads used by peaceful merchants and marching armies.          .
From Gavi is not difficult to suggest a short trip into a romantic past of cavaliers and courtly love. And if only a few are permanently open to the public, (although a little polite persuasion and some acquaintances can work wonders), all are worth a detour if only for the pleasure of seeing the massive walls and soaring towers draw nearer and nearer, until we can make details of the ramparts, be they Guelf or Ghibelline.The castle of  San Cristoforo, Francavilla B., Pozzolo F., Capriata, Tassarolo, Tagliolo, Lerma, Casaleggio, Mornese, Castelletto D'Orba, Silvano D'Orba, Montaldeo, Torre Ratti are only the first names to spring to mind.
Complimentary to a visit to the castles, is a visit to a good restaurant. The cuisine has various influences, is consider by gastronomes to have four souls, one for each of its culinary areas: the central plane, the hills close to Monferrato, the Ligurian characteristics of the Pre-Apennines and the city traditions of the provincial capital, Turin.
To the appreciative and connoisseurs it is warmly recommended to visit the wines cellars and taste the Gavi and other wines produced here. The wine is also sold directly to the consumer, not only Cortese, but many others good red wines like: Barbera, Dolcetto, Freiza, Nebbiolo and not far from here the prestigious Barolo. 

The history, maps, events and info of Gavi and Alto Monferrato: the producers of wine, photos of the vineyards,
bottled wines and the addresses of the wineries, monuments etcetera...click the sites here down below.


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