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The current version of Spice+ is 0.4

Spice+ 0.4

-Added Zoom support (preliminary)
NOTE: Don't use zoom while cursor is enabled, disable it first.
-Added program icon

-Removed Multiplot support from binary distribution

-Added "Zoom normal" function to remove the effect of a previous zoom call
-Added About function in menu
-Changed palette colors
Default grid color is dark blue now to increase contrast with cursor. Red, green and blue max values also changed from 999 to 256. This is the common max value, infact 256*256*256=16 millions of colors, that seems enaught.
-Added copyright notice at startup

Spice+ 0.3

-Fixed Readline library
Now also Enhanced Keys (INS, DEL, HOME, END, PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN, and direction keys) are allowed. So you can map them in "inputrc".
-Added several functions
"Add Trace" and "Remove Trace", cursor functions.

-Fixed several bugs in cursor routines
-Fixed remove all traces bug
Now the user can't remove all traces. This caused the program hangs, because plot function can't be executed without parameters.

Note that all the new model are disabled by default from binary distribution. If you want to use them you have enable them in models.mak and compile the source code.
-Added hisim1 (HiSIM 1.1.1 31/10/2002)
MOS Level = 60
-Added bsim4 (BSIM 4.2.1 - 05/10/2001)
MOS Level = 14
-Added b3soi (BSIMSOI 3.0 - 20/05/2002)
MOS Level = 9
-Added bsim3 (BSIM 3.2.4 - 14/12/2001)
MOS Level = 8

Spice+ 0.2

-Preliminary support for Windows version, under MinGW
-Add Multiplot (very preliminary)
Vectors may be traced in different plots.
-Added Zoom (very preliminary)
-Added Cursor
You can click on the plot to get x and y coordinates. You can also use arrow keys to move. Holding SHIFT key you can move the second cursor.
-Added "Add Trace" and "Remove Trace"
Selecting "Add Trace" or "Remove Trace" from "Trace" menu, a dialog box will appear. With "Add Trace" you can see the available vector, add them directily or combine, while "Remove Trace" let you delete the trace previously added from the plot.
-Added Readline support
-Removed all warnings: now compiled with the option "-Wall -Werror".
-Patched spice source code to 3f5 version

Spice+ 0.1

-Interfaced spice with Allegro library. mfbpc as been used as model.
-Writed the first makefile and compiled spice3f4 source code under DJGPP.