Gli Incantesimi in inglese di Lina

This spell triggers a magical item to release its power. Specifically, this spell is used to activate Lina's talismans in order to allow use of high-power attacks like Blast Bomb and the Laguna Blade:
 "Lord of the Darkness and the Four Worlds, I call upon you, grant me all the power that you possess!"

Bram Gush (buramu gasshu) Also known as: Blam Gush
   Category: Shamanism / Air
The spell creates an arrow of wind, which is shot at a target and bursts upon contact (or at the caster's choosing), shredding the target to pieces. An extremely lethal spell which has the power to blow a hole through a brick wall.
"Wind which blows across eternity, gather in my hands and become my strength! BRAM GUSH!"

Burst Flare (baasuto furea)
Category: Shamanism / Fire
A ball of light appears in the targeted area, and in the next instant the ball bursts, raising a tongue of blue white flame. The flames can melt even a golem with ease. Against a human, not even the bones will remain. This is the strongest fire-shamanist magic a normal human can cast.
"Source of all power, crimson fire buring bright! Gather together in my hand and become an inferno... BURST FLARE!"


Demona Crystal (demona kurisutaru)  Also known as: Demonic Crystal
Category: Shamanism / Water
Highly effective spell which makes icy fog appear out of the ground, which then suddenly freezes anything within. Since the fog appears out from the ground, only battle-scarred veteran adventurers can dodge this spell.
"You who crosses between sky and earth, gently flowing water, gather in my hand and give me power: DEMONA CRYSTAL!"

Digu Volt (digu voruto) Also known as: Digger Volt
Category: Shamanism / Air
A lethal spell which shoots out a blast of lightning from the palm of the extended arm. This spell is a stronger version of Mono Volt, and a direct hit by this spell most likely means death. There is also a small chance that targets struck with this spell will catch on fire.
"Wind, crimson flame. Grant the power of thunder to my hand! DIGU VOLT!"

Dragu Slave (doragu sureibu)
Also known as: Dragon Slave, Drug Slave, Drag Slave
Category: Black / Offensive
Note: There's going to be a separate article on this spell a bit later, there's just so much fun information  about it.
Spell which calls on the power of Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu, leader of the dark forces in the Slayers world. This is the strongest spell that humans can cast without a talisman of some kind; its effect is broad and destructive enough to level a city. The name was originally "Dragon Slayer" but as the legend was passed through the years, it became garbled into its current form, "Dragu-Slave."
"Darkness from twilight, crimson from blood that flows; buried in the flow of time; in Thy
great name, I pledge myself to darkness! Those who oppose us shall be destroyed by the
power you and I possess! DRAGU SLAVE!!"

Dug Haut (dagu hauto)
Also known as: Stone Spiker
Category: Shamanism / Earth
A powerful and effective spell in which numerous large stone spears rush out of the ground. This is done  by gathering magical energy in a hand and slamming that hand against the ground, which causes the layers underneath the ground to shift. Since this spell also causes a small earthquake, any target whose feet are on the ground will have a hard time dodging this spell.
"Earth below me, submit to my will! DUG HAUT!"

Ferrous Bleed (ferisu buriido)
Also known as: Fehris Bleed, Fearous Bleed, Fertous Bleed (?)
Category: Black / Offensive
This spell is an enhanced version of Flow Break, and can be used to break more elaborate illusions or curses.
"Star which pass through heavens' night skies, heed the ancient coven and the Earth, I
pledge my life that he may be called forth! FERROUS BLEED!"


Fireball (faiaa booru)
Category: Shamanism / Fire
A ball of fire appears between the hands of the caster which can then be thrown. Upon contact with an object, the ball explodes, spreading flames. Caution is necessary when using this spell in enclosed area or forests because this spell affects a wide area. This is the most popular offensive spell. Lina uses variations
of this spell such as making the ball of light appear in places other than between the hands, or making the ball of fire explode on the word "Break." Being able to cast this spell is one of the criteria for a full-fledged mage.
"Oh, source of all power, light which burns beyond crimson, let thy power gather in my
hand. FIREBALL!"

Giga Slave (giga sureibu)
Category: Black / Offensive
Note: No longer castable.
Lina's original spell. Like Laguna Blade, spell which calls on the power of the Lord of Nightmares (Golden Demon Lord). Its power is so great that it cannot even be compared to Dragu Slave; when Lina tested this spell she turned a beach into a bay of death. By casting this spell on the Sword of Light, Lina has defeated
Rezo Shabranigdu. This is Lina's most powerful spell, but because it brings the source of nothingness into the world, she has sealed the spell.
"Darkness beyond blackest pitch, deeper than the deepest night! Lord of Darkness, shining like gold upon the Sea of Chaos, I call upon thee, swear myself to thee! Let the fools who stand before us be destroyed by the power you and I possess! GIGA SLAVE!!"

Laguna Blade (raguna bureedo)
Also known as: Ragna Blade
Category: Black / Offensive
This spell, an original creation of Lina Inverse, calls on the power of the Lord of Nightmares (Golden Demon Lord), which is much more powerful than Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu. Darkness is formed between the caster's hands, which is then shaped into the form of a blade or trowel shape. Since the spell drains a tremendous ammount of magic power, the spell can only be cast when the caster is in dire need, and only
then for a brief moment. Since the sealing of the Giga Slave, this spell is Lina's strongest spell. After learning about the true nature of the Lord of Nightmares from the Clair-Bible, more power can be utilized, at the consequence of a shorter spell duration.
"Lord of the Darkness and Four Worlds, I beseech thy fragments; by all of the power thou
possesseth, grant the heavens' wrath to my hand; unleash the sword of dark, freezing
nothingness; by our power, our combined might, let us walk as one along the path of
destruction: LAGUNA BLADE!"
(Retranslated by Xelloss)

Megido Flare (megido furea)
Category: White
This is one of the anti-evil spells which has the effect of lessening feelings of evil intent and enmity. It can also dispell weak spirits who wish to do harm. Against normal living beings, the spell has a calming effect, but against the undead, the spell has a most un-calming damage effect.
"You pitiful twisted creaters, not of this world... by the Light of Purity I possess, I bid thee,
begone to the nexus of our two worlds! MEGIDO FLARE!"

Ra Tilt (ra tiruto)
Category: Shamanism / Spirit
The strongest spirit magic spell which envelops a target in blue-white light. This spell can only be used against a single target -- and only those that have spirits -- but its effect is absolute. The blue-white flame can destroy even a pure Mazoku with a single hit.
"Source of all souls which dwell in eternal and infinite. Everlasting flame of blue, let the
power hidden in my soul be called forth from the Infinite...RA-TILT!"

Recovery (rikabarii)
Category: White
The spell heals the wounds of a target by maximizing the target's ability to regenerate. However, the spell's healing energy comes from the target so when this spell is used against a severely wounded target, the wound might heal, but the target might die of extreme exhaustion. In addition, when this spell is cast on a diseased target, the number of bacteria and virii increase as well, worsening the disease.
"Oh, blessed and humble hand of God, life and breath of Mother Earth, come before me and show your great compassion and deliver us: RECOVERY!"

Van Rehl (van reiru)
Also known as: Van Rail
Category: Shamanism / Water
Strings of ice spread out from the spellcaster's hand placed against a wall, along the ceiling, floor, and walls. The target(s) who are touched by these strings soon turn into statues of ice. This is one of the few large-area spells that can be used in passages.
"Holy wind, wind which flows gently across the land, let all things be filled with your pure
breath. VAN REHL!"

Vlave Howl (vureibu hauru)
Category: Shamanism / Earth
Note: The Encyclopedia Slayers lists Vlave Howl as a Shamanism / Fire spell instead.
Turns a certain area in the line of sight of the spell caster into a pool of magma. Since the spell is directional there is no need to worry about whatever is behind the spell-caster, though the spell does affect a large area so that the spellcaster should throw the spell far enough ahead so as not to be enveloped in the effect.
"Infinite earth, mother who nurtures all life, let thy power gather in my hand! VLAVE HOWL!"

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