Coltellinai Forgiatori Bergamaschi


(Bergamaschi mean: from the city of Bergamo, about 50 Km east of Milan - Italy)

Research laboratory on damascus steel

Historical research, experimental archeology, antique forging tecniques from iron age to today rediscovered and applied as an art form.


Making of knives, sword, daggers, "Bergamasco" knife and traditional knife, spear & arrow point, axes, shields & bucklers, all in both steel and damascus with forge, anvil and hammers.




Forging with 3 hammers - Romano 2002


Coal forge 

Twisting at Cerea 2003  






Damascus sword and twisted damascus blades

 Clusone 2003

Antique "Bergamasco" Cerea 2003



Forging demonstrations




23-24 maggio 2015 - Romano di Lombardia (BG) - Lame sotto i portici.


27-28 giugno 2015 - Feltre (BL)


31/10-1/11/2015 Culter Expo - Novegro (MI)


5-6/12/2015 Dronero (CN) - FestivitÓ di S. Eligio








Others will be scheduled when date is confirmed.





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New! -  "Damascus" the book written by the team.

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