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(updated 1 Nov 2010)
PTT Oman
Site under construction.

postal website : Director, Philatelic Dept.
P.O. Box 51, P.C 112, Ruwi
Sultanate Of Oman

Tel : 701374 , 792276
Fax : 792276
philatelic website :
online shop : NO
email :

(updated 5 Jul 2008)
Pakistan's web site was improved a lot with the latest issues of 2002 and all completed previous years, including a lot of details about the stamps.

postal website : National Philatelic Bureau 
F-7 Markaz, Islamabad, 
(44000) Pakistan 

Phone: 92-51-9202577
Fax No: 92-51-9221259, 9204136
philatelic website :
online shop : NO
email : -

Palau (updated 17 Sep 2009)
Palau Postal Service
Finally a LOCAL philatelic bureau has been opened, so I have deleted the address of New York agency.
It is possible to pay by credit card and they send stocklist on request.

postal website : Republic of Palau Postal Service
Philatelic Station
P.O.Box 1982
Koror, PW 96940-9998
Republic of Palau

Tel.: +680 488-4755 or +680 488-2406
Fax.: +680 488-5755
philatelic website :
online shop :

Palestinian Authority (Palestine) (updated 1 Nov 2010)
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication

postal website : The Palestinian Authority
The General Administration of Post,
Philatelic Bureau
P.O. Box 5000,

Fax: 08-2822846
Tel: 08-2829295
philatelic website :
online shop :

(updated 12 Jul 2004)
Dirección General De Correos y Telégrafos
There's a catalogue of all the stamps issued since 1996. And some info in spanish only.

postal website : Correos de Panama
Apartado 3421 - Zona 1,
Panama 4,
Republica de Panama

Tel: +507 225-2815
fax:+507 225-2671
philatelic website :
online shop : NO


Papua New Guinea
(updated 23 Feb 2005)
PNG Post
The PNG web site is much improved! Now all the info and images of current year stamps, plus previous years.

postal website : PNG Philatelic Bureau 
Box 1, Boroko 
Papua New Guinea

Tel : +675/300/3742
Fax : +675/300/3708
philatelic website :
online shop :
PNG Philatelic websites

Paraguay (updated 19 Jan 2004)
Correo Paraguayo
New site. Quite interesting: images of stamps and postmarks since 2001; stamp bulletins in .pdf format since 2001. Updated. Spanish only.

postal website : Direccion de Correos 
Departamento de Filatelia 
Alberdi 130 
1209 Asuncion 
philatelic website :
online shop : NO

Penrhyn Island (updated 31 Mar 2003)
Post Office
Penrhyn Island is part of Cook Islands but has its own stamps.
Stamps of Penrhyn can also be bought from Cook Islands Philatelic Bureau.

postal website : Penrhyn Post Office 
Penrhyn Island 
Northern Cook Islands 
South Pacific Ocean
philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

Peru (updated 20 Nov 2004)
Serpost SA
Info about postage stamps and new issues! Images and description of all the stamps from 2000 to date. Spanish. Updated with latest issues.

postal website : Serpost SA 
Servicios Postales del Peru 
Sub-Gerencia de Publicidad y Filatelia,
Av. Tomás Valle s/n. Cdra. 7,
Los Olivos, Lima 39,
philatelic website :
online shop : NO
email :

Philippines (updated 30 Jul 2007)
The new restyled site is much better than previous one! Stamp Gallery, programme for 2001, but no sale info for foreign collectors.

postal website : The Philatelic Division Chief
Philippine Postal Corporation
Liwasang Bonifacio
philatelic website :
online shop :

Pitcairn Islands (updated 2 Feb 2008)
Post Office
You can see all latest stamp issues. A printable subscription/order form is available. A section with images of all the past issues is complete. History of Pitcairn stamps. Philatelic Bureau accepts any major currency in cash in an envelope.
Now they have an online shop, and can be bought on facevalue every issue back 2 years and can be paid by credit card. The stamps are sent from Pitcairn Island with nice stamps on envelope.

postal website : Pitcairn Islands Philatelic Bureau
PO Box 17184

Tel/Fax +64 4 476 9506
philatelic website :
online shop : NO
email :
Pitcairn philatelic websites

You can also order Pitcairn Stamps online from New Zealand Post, (but not at face value):

Poland (updated 1 Aug 2007)
Poczta Polska
Images of all stamps printed since 1990, with printing quantity, and much more. Latest stamp issues are also described in english. Stamp programme of current year. A printable order form (in english) has been added. Always updated with latest issues and very good site!
You can get updated price list and place your order conveniently by email.

postal website :

The Polish Post Supply Center
ul. Grochowska 23/31
00-942 Warszawa

tel.: (022) 515 22 76,(022) 515 22 75
fax: (022) 515 22 00

philatelic website :
online shop : NO but you can order by e-mail

email : (info and orders)

Poland philatelic websites

Portugal (updated 3 Feb 2011)
CTT Correios
The site has been heavily improved: beautiful ! You can see all philatelic products and books and buy them on-line. Updated with latest issues. Portuguese and English.

postal website :

CTT - Correios de Portugal, SA
Av. D. Joao II - Lt.01.12.03 4°andar
1999-001 LISBOA

Tel : +351 210 470 603
Fax : +351 210 471 979

philatelic website :
online shop : YES
email : ,
Portugal philatelic websites

Post Europ
(updated 11 jan 2002)
European Organization of Postal Operators
Information,  details and images of theme EUROPA stamps yearly issued by countries members of PostEurop.

postal website :  
philatelic website :

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